Sunday, October 28, 2012

Christmas is just around the corner

I'm awfully glad the weather is changing. It just gives me more time indoors to sew!  I am getting ready to have a booth at one of our local Christmas craft shows - The Papoose Club Christmas Bazaar - and so I am frantically trying to get enough things made to actually make it look like a store front! Yikes - it's Dec. 1-2, which is only about a month away.

This is one of my favorite Christmas shows, and I make it a point to go (as a customer) every year. I love giving hand-made, one-of-a-kind gifts, and craft shows and bazaars are the perfect venue to find quality products.

The problem with this show, is that I always look for decorative Christmas items, and there are practically none there! So the point of my booth is, that in addition to my quilts and table runners, I want to offer some festive Christmas decorations and gifts.

Here is what I have been working on this week:
Festive Christmas Stocking

This is a great fabric by Benetrex called Winterscapes  and the cuff is dotted Minky, which actually looks like snow!  I've lined the stockings with a coordinating fabric of the same colors with a white background, but it's actually a Kaufman Christmas fabric.

Here's a photo of another stocking I'm working on. It's from Happy Christmas from Fabric Freedom, a fabric company based out of London, England.  It's very pretty with some gold glitter which doesn't show up too well in the photo. Makes a very classy stocking!
Work in progress - classy Christmas Stocking

And then I've had fun making a series of little mug rugs. They are from the Moda Christmas line called Sentiments by 3 Sisters.  I think they'd make the perfect item to include in a basket of cookies for your best friend, teacher, or hostess gift.

These Mug Rugs are like Victorian Christmas Cards!

With the snow we've had this week, thinking about Christmas, and working on Christmas projects, has been very easy. I'm just not ready to be listening to Christmas music, though!

So, inquiring minds want to you still hang a stocking for yourself and significant other?  And if so, is it a stocking from your childhood, or have you progressed to a newer version of Christmas stockings?

And I almost forgot! I'm having a Give-Away next week. Looks like my one-year blogging anniversary is coming up, so I think we should celebrate!


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  1. Tried to leave a comment on your last post, wouldn't let me for some reason but I did vote for you ;) Your stockings are wonderful, I must hang my head in shame because tho we do hang stockings my son's is the only nice hubs and I have the really plain fuzzy red ones! Maybe I can put that on my list of to-do for this year...Congrats on one year glad you blog :)

  2. I love your stockings and your mug rugs! They would make excellent teacher gifts with a cute cup to go with them. Having 3 kids, coming up with Christmas gifts for teachers is always challenging to me. It's nice to do something out of the ordinary so they don't end up with several of one thing.

  3. I love your Christmas Stockings:) My craft show is the 1st weekend in Nov. I'll let you know how it goes. Just get busy for your show my last two weeks has been crazy!

  4. love those fabrics you used for your stockings.
    great way to use those panels too.
    I never had a stocking when I was a child. I did make my kids one and this year I decided to finally make my hubby and me one this year in wool.

  5. I love your Christmas stockings! And I just finished some Christmas mug rugs! I really like the vintage postcard look! SO nice to me you at Plum and Junes!

  6. Your stockings are quite lovely. I absolutely love your mug rugs - what a great idea to make them look like cards - very clever. Thanks for sharing and I wish I could attend your bazaar.

  7. The stockings are adoreable - most definitely gonna go fast at the bazaar! My family didn't hang stockings so I don't have the tradition, but my hubby's family does and I have a stocking at the PIL's house every Christmas.

  8. Your stockings are marvelous! I made Todd and I a matching set after we got married. Up until then (I was in my 30's) I used the stocking I'd had since my very first Christmas! And now, even with the kids grown and gone, we still hang our stockings faithfully every Christmas Eve!! (And I still leave a plate of cookies and milk for Santa, too!)

  9. Yay for Christmas! And double yay for one year bloggoversary!

  10. very very nice projects....I love your stocking....


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