Monday, July 29, 2013

July Finishes

Boy, how do I love summer! We have such long winters here, that when the weather is nice, you just need to make time to get outside. Again. And again. And again. Until you just can't stand the cool weather any longer.

I have been hiking - made a personal best for a hike with friends to Boulder Basin and the Boulder City ghost town. 7 miles round trip - all uphill with about 2,300 feet elevation gain. Glorious, glorious trip, with all the wildflowers in bloom. Well worth the bruised toenails from slipping around on the shale rock.
Top of this peak is10,800 elevation.

I did get my Autumn Table Runner quilted, the binding on, and completely sewn down. It's on my table now - I think I'll just leave it there until Thanksgiving, lol!

I also got three Halloween table runners all completed for my Etsy shop, and am now working on two long, long (72-inch) table runners for Christmas. They are more traditional with poinsettias, lots of gold leaf and sparkling red and green. Those are quilted and now just need binding, which with the  180-inch diameter for each one, will take a lot of evening tv viewing to get those done!

Fun Halloween runner with black and lime green ric rac

But maybe the most arduous task I've done this month is to make 65 new microwave hot packs for the shop. Talk about a lot of work!  Just like anything we do when it comes to sewing, everything takes at least twice as long as you figure it should.  But I've got some really great colors and patterns, and these should sell well and make wonderful Christmas gifts. (The past two years have taught me that I need to look well ahead of the season in order to prepare seasonal items. July and August are Christmas months, don't ya know?)

That's a lotta hot packs!!!

Today I am quilting a quilt I made as a Tester for a new pattern designer.  Can't wait to show the entire quilt . . .  just waiting for the word!  Having fun with that one. Then I have two more quilts to quilt this week, and I can then start a new project for August. Whew. Guess I'd better remember to pay bills, since the 1st is in just a couple of days.

Hope you are enjoying your summer. I imagine it goes by too quickly for all of us!


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Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's 95 Outside. Why Am I Thinking About Fall

That's right - even in my lovely mountains we have been unable to escape the Heat Wave the Western states have been experiencing this week.  At least we are not up to 110 like Boise, which is just 100 miles away as the crow flies.

But the good side of this is, I have been able to get some quilting done this week.  I've made a couple of small projects, two of which are ideal for this fall.

My daughter has been home for the weekend and we have been having a blast. No quilting done this weekend, but I'm okay with that.  Here she is golfing yesterday. She decided she won't be taking up golf any time soon, but had a good time with us.

Yep, she had a good time. Me, too!  

Dang it all though. She has to go back to Seattle today. Probably won't see her again 'til Christmas. I hate this part of being a parent.


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