Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Granny Square Goodness

Sometimes I don't know what possesses me. When it comes to fabrics, I'm like the kid in the candy shop that wants to eat everything in sight. Or at least give it a good shot by trying!

That inherent trait is what prompted me to sign up for a block swap - Not Your Granny's Bee.  Just to clarify, I no more have time for a Block Swap than I do for learning a new language. But I loved the scrappy look of having 24 different Granny Square blocks thrown together to make a quilt. So I signed up!

The blocks I was assigned to create were to include Aqua and Purple with Kona White, Snow and Charcoal backgrounds. Having only one of these colors in my stash, I set to work to Seek and Purchase 5 modern purples and 8 modern Aquas. My LQS didn't have anything to contribute, so I went online and found most of my fabrics - it was quite fun, actually! Here's what I came up with:

Satisfied with the combination, I set about trying to figure out the best layout for them. I liked the darkest purple for the center, and tried to arrange the lighter aquas on the interior of the block.

Then I began cutting them up and piecing them back together. I finished the first block last night, and I was quite pleased with it - I wasn't sure how I'd like the aqua and purple combo, but I think I'd really like to make an entire quilt out of these colors.

Here's a little closer view - I wish I could figure out how to make my photos look as good online as they do in person. Oh, well.

We have until mid-August to finish the blocks and mail them off for the Swap. Having completed this first block, I'm very excited to see what everyone else has come up with - it should be a very fun quilt to put together!

Now, in all my spare time, I only have 23 more to go!

As a side note, just a year ago today, I got up about 5:00 a.m., while it was still very dark, and let our 12-year-old Cocker Spaniel out the backdoor to do her morning business and check out the perimeter of the yard to make certain everything was secure. She is awfully protective and watchful of us.  Well, I almost immediately heard one loud, disarming bark, which alerted me that something was not right. As I went to look, I saw Misty rolling on the grass, and I knew immediately she had been skunked! Oh my goodness, what a way to start the 4th of July!

I've never dealt with a skunked dog before, so I didn't even think of closing the door as I went outside. Subsequently, she darted in the house and began to roll on the carpet. So I scooted her out the front door to roll around on the front lawn awhile. Then I put her in the bathtub and tried to wash her. It wasn't until our veterinarian's office opened that we were able to buy some type of Skunk Smell Remover. It worked like a charm, but now I had that smell in my carpets and the bathroom. The professional carpet shampooer successfully cleaned up the carpets, but that bathroom smelled for several weeks afterward. We got antibiotics for her poor eyes, as the skunk gave her a direct hit - she must have been right on top of him, er, rather, behind him.

Anyway, I'm thankful that it is now daylight on the 4th of July and Misty has been outside with no ill troubles so we can enjoy this year's festivities without a story to tell.

What's been your Most Memorable Fourth?

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