Monday, February 26, 2018

My Blue Scrappy Quilt Is Already Loved!

Finishing up what I call My Scrappy Blue Quilt was one of my top goals as 2017 turned into 2018.


I'd started this project a full year ago and had a neat little stack of blue rectangles along side a bunch of Kona Snow rectangles at the top of my cutting table. Only once during the past year had I been able to take them off the table and start to stitch them together. Just once!

The project began as an effort to use up some scraps. But it lacked luster, and I didn't think I had enough blue scraps, and I'm not an expert at throwing together scrappy quilts (like some people I know, Cynthia Brunz Designs).  Getting a good running start on it just didn't happen, and so it failed to rise to top of my priority list.

As I cleaned up my cutting table one day, I decided I really wanted to get all those Blue and Snow rectangles off of there. They had started collecting dust! And as you all know, when 'needs to' turns into 'wants to', things happen!

I got the quilt top completely pieced in January, and my February goal was to get it quilted, bound, and ready to use. And I'm proud to say, it happened! A finish!!!

I used my wonderful Go-To Thread - Glide - and simply free motion quilted fun, flowing paisleys all across the blocks. When I free motion an edge-to-edge design, I have a tendency to start BIG and end up little. So I concentrated on keeping the same size throughout the quilt, and I think I did fairly well this time! Does anyone else have that problem? Changing up the size of the quilting pattern as you advance through the quilt? (I'm hoping I'm not alone.....)

At any rate, I got this done a couple of weeks ago and have thoroughly been enjoying sitting beneath it when I have my early-morning coffee and computer time each day!  I am not a 'blue' person, and so this quilt was a bit out of my comfort zone. But once it was finished, I've discovered how I really do enjoy it! It's a nice, bright addition to our living room, it's fun to look at all the scraps and remember what project I used them for, and the quilting was just plain fun and creates movement in the quilt.

I'm glad to say that these scraps have found a new home out of my scrap bins, and that my February OMG goal is complete! It is also one of my completed goals for the quarterly 2018 Finish-A-Long!

 What, oh what, shall my next project be?

Quilting with a smile,

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Curved Piecing, My New BFF

A funny thing happened on the way to making my son this Cacophony quilt.  The pattern was purchased, the fabric was purchased. And then it sat. For two years. Two full years!!

Why? Because I had never done curved piecing, and I was afraid of making an entire quilt with that technique. Oh, and the rest of the quilt is foundation paper piecing to boot!

But then in January, Craftsy came out with their Craftsy Unlimited program - pay one fee and get unlimited access to ALL their classes!  I signed up right away, and have taken full advantage of the offerings.

The first class I took was Playing With Curves by Ann Petersen. And I'm so glad I did! She is a fantastic teacher - very methodical and she presents the material well.  I practiced with the first assignment - placemats.

SO much fun!!! And easy!

The curved just laid right down when it came time to iron it out. Just as if they had a genetic disposition to do that! I don't know what I was scared of. Silly, silly me.

Do you ever do that? Develop a fear of something, no matter how small, and then get held back by it? In my old age I should certainly learn that forging ahead is my best bet. But sometimes I just don't recognize that it's the fear that's holding me back.

But in this case, I'm glad I waited and took this class of Ann's because now I have a terrific set of placemats. Each one has a different array of fabrics, but they look well together.

And they are even purple, which you all know by now is the Pantone Color of the Year. And look out simply delicious all those shades look together.  Go, me!

What little fear are you harboring in your Quilting Journey that is holding you back? And what's your plan to tackle it? Please share so I don't feel so all alone....

Quilting with a smile,

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Drawing Is Not My Forte

A funny thing happened on the way to quilting this table runner:  I tried to draw the focal design first!

You decide:  Should I try to rely on my artistic pen and paper abilities to make a living? I strongly suggest you answer that question with a resounding "No!".

I admit, I didn't take much time sketching this out. I primarily wanted to get the flow of the lines down before I started stitching. 

This is how it turned out:

I've been aware, for many, many years, that my character doesn't like strict boundaries. I am not a good planner, even though I made my living as an event planner (go figure!). I like to do things spontaneously, spur of the moment. I'm a "Yes, let's" sorta girl.  And as I inspect the free motion quilting that I do, those characteristics come out front and center.

I do use rulers in my quilting. And I appreciate the need for stitch in the ditch. And I'd be lost trying to quilt a straight line through those squares without a straight-edged ruler.

But as you can see from my original sketch, and how it plays out in the center areas of these six blocks, each floral design is unique to its own development. I actually like to see the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, differences in where the needle has touched each point on the blocks. It duplicates Nature! It creates character! It creates charm! It creates a finished quilt, lol!

I pieced these blocks a couple of years ago as part of the Sew Sweet Simplicity BOM with Jacquelynne Steves. She had enlisted the help of several quilters to come up with their own fabrics and unique take on these blocks.  It was fun to participate, and while I finished all the blocks on time, I didn't get them pieced together or quilted. Until now.

I'm glad to have finally finished this table topper so I can use it on my dining room table. Brings a little breath of Spring into our winter months. And it completes one of my goals for the 2018 First Quarter Finish-A-Long.

Quilting with a smile,

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