Thursday, February 8, 2018

Curved Piecing, My New BFF

A funny thing happened on the way to making my son this Cacophony quilt.  The pattern was purchased, the fabric was purchased. And then it sat. For two years. Two full years!!

Why? Because I had never done curved piecing, and I was afraid of making an entire quilt with that technique. Oh, and the rest of the quilt is foundation paper piecing to boot!

But then in January, Craftsy came out with their Craftsy Unlimited program - pay one fee and get unlimited access to ALL their classes!  I signed up right away, and have taken full advantage of the offerings.

The first class I took was Playing With Curves by Ann Petersen. And I'm so glad I did! She is a fantastic teacher - very methodical and she presents the material well.  I practiced with the first assignment - placemats.

SO much fun!!! And easy!

The curved just laid right down when it came time to iron it out. Just as if they had a genetic disposition to do that! I don't know what I was scared of. Silly, silly me.

Do you ever do that? Develop a fear of something, no matter how small, and then get held back by it? In my old age I should certainly learn that forging ahead is my best bet. But sometimes I just don't recognize that it's the fear that's holding me back.

But in this case, I'm glad I waited and took this class of Ann's because now I have a terrific set of placemats. Each one has a different array of fabrics, but they look well together.

And they are even purple, which you all know by now is the Pantone Color of the Year. And look out simply delicious all those shades look together.  Go, me!

What little fear are you harboring in your Quilting Journey that is holding you back? And what's your plan to tackle it? Please share so I don't feel so all alone....

Quilting with a smile,

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  1. I'm with you on those fears! Every time I start a new project, I'm fearful. Fearful of choosing the right fabric/color combinations, using the right thread, cutting and measuring perfectly, getting it finished in time, oh, the list goes on! Then when a seam (or 5) doesn't match up just right, I get ready to throw in the towel. All that fear sometimes smothers the creative juices. I need to just let go and enjoy every piece of the process. I do love your purples and those curves are luscious!

  2. I feel that way about curves! Glad to hear you've figured them out! I really like your placemats - looks like they were a great way to practice.

  3. I will have to check out that class. I have sewn curves but I don’t enjoy doing them. Time for me to learn some tricks so I enjoy them more.

  4. BEAUTIFUL! Curved piecing can be intimidating but you tackled it very well.

  5. Just like anything else in life, one has to jump in and do it! Wonderful you took the curved piecing plunge and now it's your best friend - congrats!

  6. Way to go! Curved piecing has been a struggle for me, I'll have to look into the Craftsy classes. I think for me, I've been afraid of tackling a large applique project, with turning under the edges and having it turn out how I want. I think that the way you tackled curves is a good approach, starting with a smaller project and practicing.
    Have a great weekend,

  7. I was scared of curves, too, but forged ahead because I wanted a picked dish-type quilt so bad. Currently it's draped over my lap, finished. I'm so proud of myself and my newly found comfort with curves, just like you. But I hear you about letting something small turn into something huge...guess that means it's time to battle the tension monster on my new sewing machine! Beautiful placemats, by the way. Yay purple!!!

  8. Yes! I do develop a fear of something, no matter how small, and then get held back by it. BUT! Like you I'm also learning that forging ahead is my best bet. I"m learning to push myself to just do it...and look how wonderful your curves came out!!!!

  9. These place mats are gorgeous. The feeling of overcoming a fear is priceless, congratulations on tackling curves.

  10. Looks fantastic! I haven't done curved piecing for a few years but there is a block I really want to make again... one day! I just need more time!

  11. Oh yay - those are beautiful and now! you are ready to tackle anything

  12. Beautiful finishes - and with curves! Good for you - tackling a project that used to stop you in your tracks! Courageous!

  13. What fabulous curves. Now you are ready to tackle the big quilt with confidence.

  14. Yea for a new accomplishment. I really like the quilting in your placemats. Did you use one thread throughout or did you switch out to different threads. And, was it one continuous squiggly line in both sides of the curved piece? My fears all have to do with my long arm quilting machine. I've got 5 or more tops waiting to be quilted. Some are there because I really haven't found a digital pattern I want to use on them. And, I really don't like my free motion quilting. On the other hand, sometimes quilts are there because I have no place to use it and it would take way more room if it were quilted. Sigh.

  15. Beautiful curves and of course the colour!!! The curvy quilting is perfect.

  16. I've been waiting to hear from someone who has done the CU, and it sounds like it's been good for you. I just saw some gorgeous violet Kona, and wondered if that was 'the color', but will have to double check. Your purple-y placements are tasty (love the quilting on them!) and a great starter project for curves. Is there a larger project in the works?

  17. I love curved piecing and your colors are fantastic! My favorites! Great quilting too.

  18. Well your curved piecing looks awesome. I also fear(ed) that technique, but tackled it with a variation of Drunkard's Path blocks. Happy 2019 wishes.

  19. I dipped my toe into curved piecing and it wasn't as bad as I thought, but then I lost interest (you know those d**n squirrels). If I ever want to do a Storm at Sea, I've got to get that technique under my belt.

  20. Your curves are excellent! I gifted myself a BluPrint membership for Christmas this year, I need to check out that class. Thanks for highlighting it!

  21. Hey there, Miss Conquered My Fears! That was an inspiring post to read since I have the same reluctance to tackle curves. HAven't ever tried that yet. Your son's quilt is SPECTACULAR!!


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