Monday, March 26, 2018

Prairie Quilt Complete

As I was putting this quilt together, I came to think of it as my Prairie Quilt! The fabrics are from Basic Gray's Persimmon collection for Moda. When this collection came out, I was drawn to the variety of prints, many traditional but sprinkled with a modern flair. And it reminded me of a Little House on the Prairie theme.

So I got my AccuQuilt cutter out and started making six-inch blocks. To come up with the design layout, I simply placed all the squares in a paper bag, closed my eyes, reached in, and drew out a square, one at a time. That was such a fun way to layout the blocks.

Of course, I made some rules for myself. If I drew out two of the same squares, one right after the other, I'd throw back the second one and select again.  I also tried to have some semblance of balance with the lights and darks. So I did  do some rearranging before the final layout was complete.

For the quilting, I wanted something different than straight line quilting, which seems to be the standard for simple patchwork patterns. I also needed something different because my Gammill doesn't like to straight line stitch from right to left. The thread breaks. Often. Even when I adjust the needle position, and fiddle with the tension, and slow down, I still get thread breakage. So I avoid straight line quilting. I think, overall, it's good to know either the limitations of the machine, or my limitations and not fight it, lol!

So what I chose to do was use a curved ruler for a simple jumping curve on each side of the blocks. I thought of them as 'jumping' as I quilted it because I bounced from one side to the other to the other. It was actually a fun method to quilt, it went quickly, and I sure enjoyed the process!

I actually have enough fabric blocks left over to make another quilt like this one day. Hmmmm......

Getting this quilt quilted and bound was my OMG goal for March, and also a quarterly goal for the 2018 Finish-A-Long. I sure am glad to have finished it. I think I'm almost ready to start on a king-sized quilt for my son. Maybe. Yes, one day soon. I should. Yep, yep. For heaven's sakes, Barb, just do it! You've been putting that one off w-a-y too long!

Quilting with a smile,

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Good Homes Found For Forgotten Treasures

Thanks to all of you who spoke up and offered to Adopt the denim and corduroy fabric squares that I had up for adoption as part of Cynthia Brunz' annual Quilty Orphan Adoption program. The responses were all so good that it was a very difficult decision.

But, decisions have been made! I didn't realize when I put these squares up for adoption, how heavy they would be to mail. The first set weighs in at 4 pounds, and the second set is mostly denim and weighs in at 7 pounds. Yikes! 

So I decided that I should split up these two so they will be winging their way to not one, but two good homes!

The first set of fabrics, with the blue and lavender, will go to Gene Black. Congratulations! I hope your brother enjoys his soon-to-be quilt!

And the second set of fabrics, with the denim and stars, will go to minibea12. Congratulations! A denim quilt will create a great weighted quilt for your grandson.

Now then. What shall I work on today?

Quilting with a smile,

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Adopt A Quilt

What's better than free?

Cynthia Brunz over at Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework, is sponsoring her annual Quilty Orphan Adoption program.  You have the choice of putting a quilt block/project up for adoption, or adopting one of the fun quilt projects someone else has offered, or both!

I decided to look through my long-lost storage bins to see what projects I had that might be worthy of adoption. It turns out I think these just might be the ticket!

I began my quilting career years ago sewing up patchwork Levi quilts.  I'd cut up old jeans into six-inch squares, buy some nice coordinating corduroy or twill, make a fun design pattern, and stitch away!  I didn't know anything about machine quilting then, and the first quilts I made were entirely of denim. Can you say HEAVY!!!  So I tied the quilts and gave them to ALL my relatives!

These make fantastic picnic quilts, or snuggle quilts, or concert quilts, or play quilts. They are durable!

As time passed, I selected contrasting fabric that wasn't so heavy. Which was a good thing, because it's not fun to pull a muscle in your back trying to lug a quilt out of the trunk of your car so you can go experience an outdoor concert, lol!

Anyway, after everyone I knew had received one of my quilts, I still had a lot of patchwork squares cut up for future quilts, but never got around to making this one.

It has a real bright colored turquoise blue twill, a soft denim in soft lavender, a lightweight denim blue, a lighter denim with a bit so sparkle, and a denim that has a blue and lavender and white design woven throughout.  These are all cut from new fabric (not used jeans). A fun combo to come up with a fun quilt!

I hate to see this go to waste, so if you'd like to Adopt it, let me know! There are probably about 150 squares here.  Let me know how this quilt will be used after you sew it up, and I'll select an adoptive home next week.

I also have this pile of squares cut from old jeans, and if you have a use for those, I can either adopt them out separately, or combine with the multi squares above. The star denim is cut from new fabric.

Who's game?

Quilting with a smile,

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