Friday, June 14, 2013

Ready for Christmas

I finished it! Now I’m ready for Christmas.  Well, not quite, but I do feel quite accomplished.

I bought this fabric and pattern in September of 2010. I pieced it together in January of 2011.  And then it sat in my sewing room for more than 2 years!  What was holding me up on finishing it?  Simply that I didn’t have the ‘right’ border fabric. Sometimes it’s the silliest things that hold up a project, isn’t it?

Well, after waiting for so long, the Moda fabric I wanted was out of print (of course) and I couldn't locate any more.  I ended up searching through my stash and came up with what I think is the most perfect fabric.  It’s a dark lime-green with a quilt-like swirl in it, and it matches up nicely with some of the green within the center of the table runner.

I cut out and added the border and got it quilted the same day. Then I added a fun candy-striped edging for the binding, and wa-la! I’m ready for Christmas.


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Now to finish my Autumn table runner. Guess I’m a little behind on my seasons!


Monday, June 3, 2013

Goals for June

As I was organizing some things in my sewing room, I ran across this great table runner that I started two years ago.  I got to this point and then I didn't have the right fabric for the border, so it sat.

Now I'm going through my Christmas fabric stash to see if I can come up with something that would work. What I need is Moda's Christmas Magic #5995-14 - in green. Can't find it anywhere! It looks like this:

The rest of the colors need to be matched fairly closely, and this would tie it all together well.

So if anyone might have some of this fabric, I only need a quarter yard! Just let me know.

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