Monday, June 26, 2017

Pastel Quilt Bound, Finished and Given Away!

Just making this short and sweet:  I got my pastel jelly roll quilt finished, bound, and even given away. What a delight to give it to one of my bestest friends from high school! She recently found out she has cancer, and at 63, that is just WAY too young! Right? You're darn right.

So I mailed this little gem of quilt over to her, along with a huge HUG and continued wishes and prayers that she'll whip this monster into oblivion.

So see? I had great motivation to get this finished and sent on to someone who could shed a few emotional tears over it. Complex tears, but happy tears.

What better reason to make a quilt?

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Pastel Sweetness Nearing the Finish

Sometimes quilts surprise me. And this was certainly one of those.

This was made with a simple pattern from a jelly roll that I had sitting in my closet for way too long. The blocks were actually fun to make, but as I was stitching them together, I wasn't 'seeing' how they'd look all together.

Even when I placed them on my design wall, I wasn't feeling it. What I did feel was that I had wasted a lot of money for the fabric and a lot of time for the construction, all for not.  I typically lean towards bright, vivid, vibrant colors in my quilts, and this pastel was, well, just too pastel for my tastes!

But then I put the sashing on, using Kona Snow. And then I quilted fun, dancing feathers across in an edge-to-edge pattern. And suddenly, voila! I laid it out, stood back to take a look, and now I really, really liked it. Go figure!

All I have left to do is put the binding on. I've chosen a soft baby blue, which I hope picks up the blues from the quilt.  In fact, in my search for that perfect binding, I ended up reorganizing my entire fabric closet. OMG, that should have been an OMG goal all in itself. Took two days, and lots of stress and anxiety about all the quilting projects not yet started. But now the closet is under control, this quilt is almost finished, and life is good.

Since it's summer and we're taking a trip of a lifetime soon and I won't be able to quilt much this month, I've chosen this as my OMG goal. I'll get that binding on there and it will be all set to go to a good home :)

Quilting with a smile,

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