Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Good Homes Found For Forgotten Treasures

Thanks to all of you who spoke up and offered to Adopt the denim and corduroy fabric squares that I had up for adoption as part of Cynthia Brunz' annual Quilty Orphan Adoption program. The responses were all so good that it was a very difficult decision.

But, decisions have been made! I didn't realize when I put these squares up for adoption, how heavy they would be to mail. The first set weighs in at 4 pounds, and the second set is mostly denim and weighs in at 7 pounds. Yikes! 

So I decided that I should split up these two so they will be winging their way to not one, but two good homes!

The first set of fabrics, with the blue and lavender, will go to Gene Black. Congratulations! I hope your brother enjoys his soon-to-be quilt!

And the second set of fabrics, with the denim and stars, will go to minibea12. Congratulations! A denim quilt will create a great weighted quilt for your grandson.

Now then. What shall I work on today?

Quilting with a smile,


  1. Congratulations on the new homes for your orphan blocks!! :-) And the denim will make a great weighted quilt!!

  2. Thanks so much. I am looking forward to opening this package! I hope it arrives today.


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