Friday, January 13, 2017

Snow Days Mean Sew Days

We have received just a ton of snow this week. We have 4 feet on the ground, and now everyone is worried about the snow load on their roofs. It's always something! And sigh . . . another storm is headed our way next week.

But while I wasn't out shoveling and snowblowing and helping my husband snowplow (we have a large driveway and sidewalk), I was in my sewing studio quilting up a storm!  I got a couple of customer's quilts finished, and then I was able to work on my own projects for a change. Fun, fun!

Here's my scrappy Christmas quilt to share with you. It's made from a jelly roll of BasicGrey's Juniper Berry collection by Moda and was an easy, spur-of-the-moment quilt to put together. And I had it finished in just two days!

It seems the sewing I enjoy best is when I grab an easy pattern, and just dive in and do it! I already had the jelly roll, and when I saw this free pattern over on Let's Quilt Something, I liked the simplicity of it. And, it satisfied my need to sew. Do you ever just want to sew? And sew? And sew? Quilting has lots of measuring and cutting and pinning and snipping and measuring. But sometimes a girl just wants to sew. You know?

So sew is what I did.  I do think I got the cuts on the angles skewed from the pattern (which seems to have a little photo typo in it).  I didn't realize this until it was all put together. But even though the pinwheels are going the wrong direction, I'm okay with it.

Now I just have to find time to get it quilted. First, I'd like to add some sashing and borders to make it a little larger. Right now it's at  49x56. The pattern said it would come out to 75 inches square, but that is off, too. Oh, well. I guess the pattern was free, so I'll live with it, lol! But if you decide to make it, just beware of these inaccuracies.
There's a sidewalk hiding in there. The snow is above my waist!

I do like the Juniper Berry collection. I was in love with almost every print that I stitched together. And when you get a jelly roll, how often can you say you love 'all' the prints? 

And, since it's January, this will be my first project for Christmas 2017. Go, me!

Quilting with a smile,


  1. Love the colours in the quilt and the prints but it just ticks you off when the pattern says oh yes it will be this size and then it isn't!!!! It has happened to be a couple of times and you know you have followed it correctly! But it looks good. How much snow?!!!! We had a sprinkling where we live in Derbyshire in the UK whereas other parts have had a bit more but nothing like yours. Keep warm Hugs, Susie x

  2. That is an insane amount of snow! Hope the next storm doesn't bring too many more inches. Love the little quilt. When I feel like just sewing, I like to dive in my scrap bin and play. :). Stay warm!!

  3. Now that is some snow. Haven't seen snow like that since I went to Niagara Falls in January several years ago.

  4. Your Christmas quilt is wonderful - I especially like the red stars. Holy snowfall! We have maybe 4"!!!

  5. Thanks for the link to the free pattern as I love the simplicity of it too! Your home looks beautiful in all that snow...but I KNOW how overwhelming it becomes. Hang in there and happy sewing!!!


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