Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Little Surprises

Here's a little table runner that I finished up prior to my knee replacement surgery way back in March. I didn't get around to posting it, so here it is today!

As I was making this runner, I didn't really like the fabrics in the batik charm pack. But now that it's together and quilted, I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Each time I walk by, I smile at the quilting, and the border, and the little pops of color that spring out from the array of dark fabrics. It a nice little gem of a surprise!

And hence, a lesson learned for me:  get out of your comfort zone with colors and palettes and try something new. I might just like it!

Quilting with a smile!

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  1. You're right, Barb, it was those little pops of color that made me click on the photo to see the whole runner! I have a few of those jelly rolls that have taken a back seat in my stash, so maybe I need to try looking at them again. This is lovely!

  2. Very pretty. Fun that you learned to like Batiks in a new to you color way!

  3. I always seem to have a love/hate relationship with all of my projects as I make them. You are correct. Sometimes you need to put them away for a while before you can appreciate them.

  4. How is your new knee doing? Interestingly, I also had mine replaced in March (8th). Hide the new one is working well for you! (lynnstck[at]yahoo.com)

  5. this is very pretty. I love it when I don't like something while making it, but after I look at the completed project, it grows on me and sometimes I have a hard time giving it to the person intended. But I do, it makes them smile and that is the whole purpose.

  6. Those are definitely gorgeous fabrics together! And congrats on the finish! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers

  7. It's beautiful! Understandable that it makes you smile - it made me smile, too!

  8. This is a beautiful way to use a jelly roll, I love how the colours in the pre-cut made you challenge your palette. Why not share you post on my Pre-Cut Linky Party on my blog for all lovers of the jelly roll? :)

  9. Very fun runner, I really like the prints.

  10. What a beautiful table runner Barb! Many times I have been surprised how well I ended up liking something....especially after it was quilted. Thanks for sharing!


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