Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cozy Threads of Love

I finished this lap quilt for my dear brother.  It was a very emotional quilt for me to make, but in a good way. Sort of. Sometimes it's not easy to quilt when you have tears in your eyes.

The end of March we learned that he has lung cancer, but it took up until this week to find out exactly what he was dealing with, the prognosis and treatment.  He was a nervous wreck, as I can well imagine. So what was the first thing to come to my quilty mind but to make him a quilt to have when he recovers from his treatments! Of course. That's just what I would do.

I had my eye on this wildlife fabric by Northcott at a LQS in a nearby town 70 miles away. So while my son was home for a visit, we hopped in the car and drove down to pick out fabrics. That made this quilt special, too!

I wanted to showcase the panel piece and some of the wildlife prints, so I found this great pattern, A Blue Moment - and it was free! - from Benartex. And it just so happened, coincidentally, that it was designed by the sister of a friend of mine, Jean Ann Wright.  Having met Jean Ann last year, it made me happy knowing I was making something from someone I knew.

The pieces came together easily, although I knew I'd have to be careful measuring those bigger pieces so that it would all square up in the end. Unfortunately I've learned the hard way to measure accurately - it saves numerous headaches that way, lol!

I quilted it up with one of my favorite patterns, a large, flowing leaf pattern, and used a shimmery coffee brown trilobal polyester thread by Glide in a 40 weight. I love to work with Glide!

I'm headed to Boise to see my brother tonight and will give him a hug and his gift. He's my little brother, and bad things just shouldn't happen to my little brother.  But they did determine it is Stage 1 and he has a very good chance of living well. Blessings abound!

Sssshhh.  Don't tell him this is coming his way.  He's a farmer, so I doubt he'll be on the computer, let alone on my blog. He probably is clueless that I have a blog.  Just need this to be a surprise!

Quilting with a smile,

One of my goals complete for the 2014 Finish Along!


  1. I'm so sorry about your brotherf! Your quilt is beautiful and he will love it! Stage 1 is a good thing. Here's hoping they get it all! Carol

    1. Thanks, Carol. Odds sounds like they're in his favor.

  2. This quilt is so unique!! I really like and it will bring much comfort to your brother. (I've never tried Glide....I'll put a spool on my list!)

  3. Big hugs to you and your brother. The quilt is beautiful and so obviously filled with love. The quilting looks great. Really like that leaf pattern...It is perfect for the quilt.

  4. So... much Love and family connection is flowing through those threads. What a wonderful gift from the heart! He is lucky to have a big sister like you!

  5. Glad the prognosis for your brother is positive! What a beautiful quilt you made for him. He has a very special big sister. :)

  6. Barb, this is beautiful! Your brother will feel better just looking at this quilt and knowing he has a sister who loves him so dearly. As a cancer survivor I think knowing you are loved is one of the best and most helpful cancer treatments available.Prayers for your brother.

  7. Barb - such a beautiful idea for your brother. I hope it provides him with lots of portable hugs from you during his treatment. Do you only use Glide threads? I have not tried them yet - but after my recent project & fighting with Superior threads of all things - I know others who have recommended Glide threads too - would you encourage me to give it a go?

  8. Barb -- keeping that little brother of yours in my thoughts and sending positive and healing energy his way. The quilt came out beautifully and is just perfect for a man. I'm sure he'll cherish it. Take care now, Karen


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