Monday, May 5, 2014

Goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes May 2014

At one point in time, Green Fairy Quilts was having this super-duper sale on charm packs.  Oh, yea - it was about the time that I ran across the Charm Pack Cherry pattern.  So I stocked up because I liked the way this pattern showcased the fabrics in a charm pack, and I could get pre-cut solids in charms, and what could be easier than laying out your design, stitching it up, cutting blocks in two, stitching again, and suddenly a quilt is born!

So I am working my way through my charm packs.  This is what the quilt looks like with a dark background.

Here's the first quilt I did with a white background.  Quite a different look, eh?

I got this little gem quilted and now just need to find some fabric for the binding and get it finished up.  I decided this will be my project for May, because as simple as it sounds, getting this quilt finished this month will be a challenge. Busy-ness abounds at my house this time of year.

Yard work, yard sale, and my Day Job are all getting in my way of quilting (shakes head in dismay).  But, it all must be done. Especially the Yard Sale. When we moved into our new home a year ago, we had enough storage room in the shop for all the things We Never Use But Can't Seem To Part With. The Day of Reckoning for those things is upon us now, and it's time to de-stash.  A lot of the boxes are things from our kids' childhoods that I can't seem to toss out. My plan is to keep them until they get a place of their own, and then load up their cars and send all this stuff on its merry way. One day.

Quilting with a smile,

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  1. They are both wonderful quilts and love the contrast of the same layout design. And yes "just binding" can be nerve racking--when life has a way of showing-up. Good Luck during busy month!

  2. I really like them both - amazing what a difference the background can make! Nice job!

  3. They both look great! Yes....time to de-stash. We have to do that quite often. :) Have fun!

  4. I love the Charm Pack Cherry pattern, and your two look awesome. You're right- they have totally different looks with the different background choices!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  5. Beautiful quilts and I'm like charm squares! Have fun de-stashing! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  6. Both quilts are beautiful. I am leaning towards the dark background quilt as my favorite. Amazing how changing the background fabric can make them look so different.

  7. Love the different look between these two! Great quilting too. I really want to try this pattern! Oh, yes yard work time is here....I need a gardner:)

  8. Wow they do look totally different and honestly I"m not sure which one I like better. They are both awesome. Ah Green Fairy Quilts, yep I think I finally used up my charms packs from when hit a sale there too!

  9. It's really interesting to see how different the quilts look just from different backgrounds! I like them both and they look like they were fun to sew. I'm with you on needed to downsize stuff and finally get rid of some things. Why is it so hard to let some things go even though they've been in the closet for years?

  10. I love everyone's comments and agree these two finishes are awesome! This Tuesday (5/13) theme is charm pack be sure to share your old posts. You've motivated me to dig out a few packs laying around...

  11. I'm amazed at how this pattern changes based on the color stream & really love how the black background makes the colors pop. Although the white is lovely too. Beautiful work! Thanks so much for the link to the looks like a fun one to try. Happy quilting!


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