Monday, March 19, 2012

Long arm Lessons

Yahoo! I made the five-hour drive to Salt Lake City yesterday through wind and rain and snow and fog and heavy traffic.  That alone is a testament to my intense desire to learn how to quilt on my long arm machine.

I've had my Gammill for about 10 weeks, but in that time, I've been traveling for two weeks and so it feels like I'm always behind. I've practiced and practiced, and only found time to quilt one large quilt,  a baby quilt, and one table runner.  That's just enough to know that there is a heck of lot more to know about becoming 'good' at long arm quilting.  That's why I'm so excited to be here.  For two days!

I will keep you posted.  Hopefully the weather will be much calmer for the drive home.
 (Disclaimer: this is an older photo and not exactly indicative of the snow yesterday. It's just a cold, cold picture that scream, "Come on Spring!")

Oh - I really think it's time to change my profile picture and stash that winter coat. Isn't it spring in a day or two?


  1. Glad you had a safe journey, that snow looks cold cold cold, I am glad the sun is shinning here. I am wishing you warm weather soon!


  2. Yes, you are dedicated to learning that long arm. :) They tell me spring is coming in a few days, but not if you look out my windows and the 3 ft of snow on the ground. Hope you have a good time and learn lots on your long arm. :)

  3. What a trooper. It's amazing what we will go through for something we really want, or what we let discourage us if it isn't important. This week is much better in SL, hope it's better in your neck of the woods too.


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