Saturday, February 25, 2012

A celebration of life!

Just up the road from us, we have one of the neatest camps ever. It's called Camp Rainbow Gold and it serves to bring children with cancer together for a week of being outdoors, camping, singing around the campfire, telling ghost stories and laughing, as well as sharing some of the heartaches that go along with dealing with this disease.

Here is how the web site explains the camp: 
"Experience the magic of what happens when people come together to create emotionally empowering experiences for Idaho children diagnosed with cancer and their families. Camp Rainbow Gold is an oncology camp, a sibling camp and a family camp. It's a hockey night, a ski day and a college scholarship program. Camp Rainbow Gold is a celebration of life."

A celebration of life. What a statement!

More than 200 volunteers from all over the state train to help in a variety of ways.  The outdoor camp, held in July, becomes home for about 100 campers, age 6-18.

As a small way to help this statewide and community effort, our newly-formed guild - the 5 Bee Quilting Guild - is taking on the challenge to sew pillowcases for all the campers, as well as some siblings and parents.  I'll be out of town when the group gets together for a fun-filled day of stitching, so I've put together 11 pillowcases made with the Hot Dog pattern.  It's fun, easy, and just a fun way to create a little gift for those special kids.

Take a moment to celebrate life in your own way today.  After all, the celebration is yours for the taking!

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