Thursday, November 10, 2011

Passions Passed Down Through Generations

Welcome to Mountain Quiltworks! My love of quilting has been directly influenced by my grandmother. She was of the era where the idea of machine-piecing quilts never even occurred to her. Every stitch was lovingly, meticulously, and with skill and preciseness, put in place to create some truly outstanding quilts. She made her five grandchildren quilts that were first hand-embroidered in each block and then pieced together and quilted on a wooden, home-made quilting frame that we'd set up in our living room. I can still see her sitting at the frame, stitching away, inch by inch.

She tried to teach me to sew, but as a teenager, I wasn't into it. Too many other things to do, I suppose. So when my children were young, I began to learn to sew by making baby clothes, and then toddler clothes. Fatal attempts at making myself clothes proved to be a waste of good fabric. But I still want to sew. How could I channel that love into something that I would enjoy?

Then one year while on vacation, I stepped into a 'quilt' shop. Instantly I fell in love with the colors, designs, textures, not to mention the endless possibilities of turning those wonderful fabrics into things of beauty. Now fabric designers are obliging us with a constant stream of the most amazing prints to work with. What's not to love about picking out patterns, colors and designs, cutting, touching, sewing, piecing, quilting, and then stepping back to see your new creation? A new passion was born!

So marks the progression of my love of all things pieced and quilted. Come with me to enjoy the journey.

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