Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Quilt That Was Loved To Pieces

How endearing is it when your grown son asks you to 'fix' the quilt you made for him when he went away to college? Priceless, right?

So when I went to visit him in Portland this spring, I took a look at the quilt. It was a very, very simple patchwork quilt, one I had made back in 2002 before I really began my quilting journey in earnest.  I had cut six-inch squares from old, denim, used-up jeans, along with some new corduroy, sketched a layout design, and stitched away. The backing was a soft cotton, and the batting was??? I usually used old sheets or those blankets you sometimes win playing Bingo at the fair. In this case, it was that cheap 100% polyester from Joann's. (Don't use that batting - I'm telling you this from experience!)  I hand tied the quilt with yarn, at the intersections of the squares (terribly difficult to do). And wha-la! I made a quilt!

What a total newbie!

I did take a couple of shots of the original quilt, but I surely can't find them now. Drats! But suffice it to say, that quilt was in dire straights! Not only was the back shredding to pieces, but the squares on top were simply falling apart at the seams.  It was faded. It was seeping batting out the back. It was a disaster.

That quilt had been loved to death! I like to think that over the years it provided a connection with home. Or brought him some comfort. Or was just a great quilt to snuggle beneath.

There was no way to repair it, so I made him a new one!

I salvaged one square from the original quilt to include in the new quilt. It was the one I had embroidered with my sewing machine that said "Happy Birthday, Scott, March 25 2002."  (Notice how it looks gray? It was originally blue!) I pieced that into a bottom section of the new quilt top, and then created a new square that said "Happy Birthday, Scott, March 2018".

Blue is his favorite color, so I found some fabrics that he might be pleased with. Unfortunately, I didn't buy enough of the dark blue background fabric, so I had to have a friend pick up more for me from a quilt shop 150 miles away. Doh!

I had no pre-planned sketch for this one. I tried to make it fit his 6-foot tall body, so I kept adding rows. About four more than I counted on! This time around, no yarns were cut up in the making of this quilt! I quilted it with a fun, modern design, perfect for a guy. I even bought extra wide Minky backing so he could get the full Cozy Factor out of his new quilt.

The extra-wide Shannon plus fabric is a delight to work with, by the way. I had not considered making an adult size quilt with a Minky backing before, but this was truly awesome!

He and his girlfriend were delighted with this 'new' quilt. Which makes the process of creating a quilt all the more worthwhile. And they are getting married soon, so having a fresh, new quilt to start their journey is especially rewarding.

Quilting with a GREAT BIG smile,

P.S. This was also one of my second quarter goals for the 2018 Finish-A-Long.

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  1. Nice quilt. I really like this. Great palette and design for a male.

  2. I've had the same experience with my son this year! His college quilt was falling apart so I made him a new one. I love how you used your original design, and even a block from the original quilt to begin the new one. Beautiful!

  3. This is exactly what a great mom would do - start over and use at least one little block from the original quilt. It's fabulous!

  4. This looks like the PERFECT solution! I love that you included the old label, and wow, it's so faded! The new one will probably last longer, not being subjected to teenage/dorm life :)

  5. You have been wanting to make your son a quilt for a while now. I guess seeing how he lived the old one up moved it up the list. It turned out great!

  6. It's always wonderful to know that your creation is appreciated and well loved.

  7. I enjoyed reading this post. Keeping and using that original square was perfect. I hope he understood that the rest was beyond repair.

  8. Great post. I've had to repair my son's quilt twice. I made it for him when he was about eight, and he has loved it to death. Took it from college to his marriage, and I think he still uses it. The second repair will probably be the last, as the fabric is well worn. But it is certainly a endearing to have a son still love his quilt so much.

  9. Nice the first one was so well loved, and that you got to make another!

  10. What a beautiful quilt and how neat that your included the one block from his old quit! My first quilts were tied with yarn!

  11. How fun to read about that earlier quilting project. I have one that is in similar desperate condition. I took it apart and I have the quilt top but it is sort of overwhelming to think of 'where to start' with it!
    Adding the birthday messages from old and new is such a sweet touch!


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