Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Thoughts for 2018

I am so not a Resolution Person! I make statements, and they seldom become conclusions. So for the most part, I have avoided New Year's Resolutions.

But December has seen me coasting with my quilting projects, primarily because I had a hefty-duty month with a setting up a craft fair booth, being sick, hosting our quilt guild's Christmas Party, and hosting family for Christmas. I am tired!  But now that family has gone and my batteries are recharged, I feel refreshed and ready to tackle my sewing studio again!

Mountain Quiltworks Shop at our Holiday Bazaar
 I didn't want to bore you with all my plans, but this post is mainly so I can see my goals in black and white, refer to them back here on my blog and not use the excuse of, "I don't know where I put that darn piece of paper that had my goals written on it. Guess I don't have to follow through now...." (This is the sad way my brain rationalizes for me. Silly brain.)

So here goes:

2018 is the Year of Me!  My quilting customers have gone astray for cheaper quilters. That's okay - my time is valuable and I'm not going to break my back for nothing. I don't have a computerized machine, so everything I do is hand guided. Less customers actually gives me more time to do the things I really want. Which is:

1. Make a king-sized quilt for my son
2. Make a king-sized quilt for my daughter and son-in-law
3. Make a blue quilt - blue is not my Go-To color, so this is my challenge
4. Make a queen-sized quilt for our cabin
5. Finish up my Christmas Trip Around The World Quilt
6. Make a flannel quilt with fabric I won last year
7. Quilt the two lap quilts that have been hanging in my closet for nearly two years, lol!

Beginnings of my Christmas Trip Around the World Quilt!

I also want to take time to learn new quilting skills. To that end, I'd like to do a Whole Cloth Quilt. Maybe. It scares me, so maybe that's exactly what I should be doing. Expanding my horizons. Plus, it doesn't have to be king or queen-sized, lol!

I know that if you set SMART goals, they are more likely to materialize (SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Related). But I refuse to set a deadline for any of these. I am officially 'retired'. So I'm just going to do them as I please.

And while I'm thinking about which project to start with, I'll leave you with this pretty view - there are actually mountains in the distance that you can't even see.
My frosty morning view of our neighborhood!

What are your quilty goals for 2018?

Quilting with a smile,

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  1. I"m working on my 2018 ambitions right now. Isn't the freezing fog beautiful!! WoW!!! You were a busy elf this year!!! Beautiful work! I will be looking forward to your long-arm quilting learning adventure.

  2. Looks like you are going to be busy with your own projects next year. Whew! Happy to hear next year will be about you. Enjoy that retirement!! Happy 2018!

  3. I am so glad to know that you value your time so much. I wish you a lot of peace and joy in 2018. Thank you for linking up!

  4. Hey Barb! Good for you for getting your goals documented. I have been wanting to do the same but keep procrastinating. Beautiful winter picture! Good luck on attaining your goals!

  5. My initial goal is to fill up my project planner with projects. Each section has you attach fabric pieces as well as any info about the project. We are driving to NC tomorrow so I'm going to take it with me and just write the names down with no fabric. At least I will have gotten that far with it. Maybe you need a planner book to write things down. I have Lori Holt's project planner which includes several quilt patterns as well as space for plenty of projects.

  6. I haven't had time to make any quilting goals for 2018 - but, I do want to hike a portion of the Appalachian's this summer with my son. There - it's written down - now I have to do it! Your view is stunning....

  7. How incredibly beautiful that photo is!!!! What a wonderful view to wake up to!

  8. Refreshing & realistic!

    I have to chime in to support you about long arming in the free market. There are always people who will work as cheaply as possible to have work. I know what time and materials it costs me to long arm a quilt. Add to it the amount of time I spend discussing the pattern, batting and thread ahead of time, and time to pick it up. I am picky about my work. I would want someone I hire to afford me all the same benefits. It is time intensive work even if it all goes well--and we both know it doesn't.

    My long arm itself was expensive. Maintenance for it is expensive, and over an hour away. Rulers, markers, etc. add up. I've spent significant expense on training, classes, and skill development.

    At .01 an inch, which someone around here will quilt at, a 60" x 70" quilt is $42. No matter how I estimate my time, to do quality work on something that size I will have invested an easy 2 to 2.5 hours in all the prep work and hand guided stitching. I am not sure people realize there is a limit to how fast a machine can be run, and still have good stitch quality. Good stitches last. Poorly made stitches or bad tension results in a so-so quilt, and one that may not stand up to multiple washings.

    The computerized unit to allow my machine to work automatically costs over $10,000. No, that would not pay me to purchase one.

    The garage I was towed to last week has a sign behind the counter. All Labor $70/Hour. Why? They hire skilled mechanics, have specialized tools, and expenses to cover. In the day of a fair wage, quilters are still cut throat. Is it because we don't value ourselves as skilled laborers or that we are mainly women or that many of us work out of our homes instead of an office/studio?

    I made a decision last year to quilt for close friends only, and have even refused a few quilts there that were going to be problematic. At first I felt awkward saying I was giving it up, but it was a good business decision. Enjoy exploring other avenues, Barb.


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