Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Hands2Help Quilt On Its Way!

Today is a special day!  I get to box up this quilt and send it off to a good home!  I'm participating in the Hands2Help Challenge, organized by the terrific Sarah Craig, Confessions of a Fabric Addict. She has enlisted the help of a record-setting number of quilters to whip up some gorgeous quilts to brighten the lives of others. What an angel!

This is a quilt that I made from my stash. I almost like the back better than the front, lol!

 I'm sending it off to the International Institute St. Louis to aid their work with refugees. With all the negative press this year about accepting refugees to our country, I'm hopeful this small gesture will instill hope to a family that we care.

At any rate, this is a great project, and has compelled me to start thinking about how I can help more locally. Guess it's time to put my thinking cap on. Thanks, Sarah!

Quilting with a smile,


  1. Great way to turn your stash into a quilty hug for someone deserving. Hands2Help is such a great event!

  2. Very beautiful quilt. Someone will be so happy to snuggle with this pretty quilt.

  3. Beautiful quilt, and sure to make a refugee feel welcomed! Thanks for being part of H2H 2017!!

  4. Beautiful quilt from a good-hearted lady! I'll be interested to hear what local charity you decide to support!


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