Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Llamas Are In The Building!

I don't know how to express to everyone how tickled I have been making this quilt!  It's been a little bit crazy with a LOT of tiny pieces. But the thought of these happy llamas just makes me smile!

I'm using the pattern called Lloyd and Lola by Elizabeth Hartman. I bought it on a whim, even though I have plenty of other projects to tackle. I think it was the eyelashes on the llamas that reeled me in. Just look at those happy faces!

It's kind of a scrappy quilt. I bought the background fabric, which is a Dear Stella design. It's my new favorite for backgrounds. My daughter thinks the white specs look like snow, which might be very appropriate for our neck of the woods.

The striped blanket (and soon-to-be pompoms) came from my stash. I love the teals and purples, which I think are a great accent to the gray background and the beige and white body. The beige is actually a linen that I had for a pillow, but it worked up well in this configuration.

Some of the pieces in the faces are tiny! A one inch square turned out to be a quarter-inch triangle. Who knew I could work with pieces that small. Live and learn.  The llamas, though, stand 40 inches tall!

Now I need to cut out and make three rows of poms, two for the top and one for the bottom. Looking at the pattern, this just adds a festive feel to the entire quilt. When it's all finished up, it will be 61 x 70.

I do believe the reason I bought the pattern and began this project in the midst of other projects, is that the llamas faces reminded me of all the deer that hung out around our house to escape the deep snows this winter. The snow is beginning to recede, so they have headed for higher country, which is a good thing for them. It was a harsh, harsh winter for them, and I'm glad to think they are doing their Deer Thing in the forests nearby.

It's going to be my Happy Quilt.

Definitely quilting with a smile,

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  1. Such a wonderfully fun quilt Barb!!! I can see why you are having fun!!!! Looking forward to watching them "mulitply!" V

  2. They are making me smile too! Their faces are so very cute

  3. Oops and thank you for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  4. These are SO cute! Best llama friends. :)

  5. These llamas are so darn cute. I think every quilter should make the occasional quilt just because it is fun. Can't wait to see the next steps.

  6. I can totally see why you're tickled! They are adorable and make me smile just looking at them. Your work on the tiny face pieces is great and the teals and purples really sing.

  7. Your llamas made me smile too, so very cute! Thanks for linking up to 'sew stitch snap SHARE'

  8. They are adorable, especially with eyelashes! Thank you for sharing them on Midweek Makers!

  9. I love this! I've seen the pattern, but yours is the first I've seen made from it. Super cute llamas and what great, lush colors!

  10. I dare anyone not to smile at those llamas. I can see why the pattern had to come home with you.

  11. Oh I love llamas and your two are just real treasures! You're brave making these with such tiny pieces!

  12. Llamas! OMG, I love them! Those are fantastic. I bet they'll look great with the pompoms.

    1. Hi, Sally - you came through a a no-reply blogger, so I'll just thank you here! It sure is a fun quilt to work on.

  13. I just bought this quilt pattern! Our house flooded last August in Louisiana and now my new furniture is screaming for LLAMAS!

  14. Llamas are a favorite of mine also! This is going to be a beautiful quilt!

  15. I Love your Llamas - what a fun pattern and the fabrics you have ussed are spot on perfect! The pom-poms will be a great finishing touch ;-)

  16. Wow, the Llamas are super cute. Such a lovely work =)


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