Monday, February 20, 2017

Solstice Challenge Update

Just wanted to make a quick post to show the latest in my blocks for the 182 Solstice Challenge.  Here is the last block that Pat Sloan gave us. It's HUGE! About 36" square, but pretty!

The pattern called for the same fabrics in the center star as the outer points, but I switched it up a bit with the yellow center star. Not sure I like that. I'm actually thinking of removing the four floral squares in the center and replacing it with four white squares. Than I can do some fancy quilting in it. What do you think? Would you leave it, or change it to white so it shows up better?

Then, just for jiggles, I threw up all the blocks I've made so far. One is a duplicate, but I put it there anyway.

Seeing all the blocks up on the board will help make my future fabric choices easier!

Looking forward to the next blocks, but not before we get to spend a little R 'n R in sunny, warm Arizona! I am SO looking forward to that.  Especially after we spent the past two days shoveling more than six feet (yes, that's 6 Feet of solid packed) snow off the decks and around the base of our cabin in the Sawtooth Mountains. SO looking forward to warm!!!

Quilting with a smile,

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  1. That block is huge! I like the yellow star. Maybe rather than put a white center, you could go yellow. All of the blocks are so bright and happy!

  2. I like it. I used discontinued decorator fabric samples in blues and scrappy whites. Should have read the directions.

  3. I would replace the center with white - that way your yellow will stand out better, too. 6 FEET of snow? Seriously? That's crazy! We don't have any at all, here in Montana! Crazy, again!

  4. Wonderful Block! By the way--I have been off the blogging scene for awhile--love your make-over.And good luck with all that snow--it does not feel like we ever had winter here.

  5. Oh MY!! Enjoy Arizona. I know our visit was very rejuvenating after this winter we have had.

  6. Your blocks are just lovely!! My good friend Tish is doing this too! I have resisted ... oh I do. It's miss that kind of snow!! Enjoy the sun and palm trees!


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