Monday, July 13, 2015

Going for the Piggy Bank Challenge with Val

I'm always game for saving money! And found money is the absolute best.

In fact, when my kids were little, we'd go out for walks around the high school near our house, and often find all sorts of coins and the occasional dollar bill in the parking lot. Score!

And then one day, I decided to start collecting aluminum cans which were carelessly scattered around the parking lot.  Sounds odd now, but back in the day, cans were worth a pretty penny, and it was like a scavenger hunt for the kids to see how many cans they could find each day.  All in all, when I emptied the piggy bank, and cashed in the cans, we had $90. Which was enough for a shiny, brand new, red, Diamondback bike for our son. SCORE!  His first bike and we didn't have to 'save' for it.

So I like Val's idea of stashing money away for some quilty pleasure.  I'm in!  I picked up this great little glamping trailer piggy bank last year and it sits on my kitchen counter. Now I'll put it to good use.

Val's Quilting Studio

What am I saving for?  Hmmm.....I think I'd like to make another quilt camping quilt with great outdoorsy flannel, none of which I have in my stash.  Yep, that's what I'm saving for.

Join in the fun and see how much you can stash this year.  You know we quilters are good stashers!

Oh - while I'm at it, here's another fun pic.  It was my Christmas present from my daughter who is very talented at web graphics,  Illustrator and who knows what other programs.  Left to right is our son (a great Portland Timbers' fan), Me!, my husband, our daughter, and our hopefully-one-day son-in-law. And Misty and Camber, too. This is how we look when we get up on Christmas morning to exchange gifts.  My family!

Quilting with a smile,


  1. I love your bank! I am joining in this year too. It is always amazing how small change adds up over a period of time.

    The family photo is too cute...what a treasure!

  2. I too love your bank and how appropriate your saving for a coxy flannel camp quilt! And that picture is adorable!!! I want on!!!

    1. Hi Barb....mark your calendar as July 6th we count our savings and link and share! Crazy to think a year has gone by already!

  3. What a great idea! I'll have to go searching for a cute bank - for now my "washer change" is in a little wooden bowl. I just might join this cute challenge! Thanks for the invite!

  4. What a great idea! I've had to slow way down on my fabric buying. Your Christmas present is darling!

  5. I love your camper bank! I've been saving all the recycling $ for my broke college son!!! Haha he loves and appreciates it so much!


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