Thursday, February 5, 2015

Modern Curvy Log Cabin Designs

I had the most fun last month! I was fortunate enough to be asked to quilt two sample quilts for pattern designer Janet Houts. She was making quilts for her sister, Jean Ann Wright, to demonstrate the versatile use of Jean's new Curvy Log Cabin ruler. 

Designed and pieced by Janet Houts and quilted by Barb Neiwert

The design of the ruler creates a pleasing visual slant that gives the traditional log cabin a modern twist. What fun!

Rainbow Swirls designed and pieced by Jean Ann Wright

And here's Janet showing off yet another version of the Curvy Log Cabin. This one is called Wiggly Worms Log Cabin.

Janet Houts with her Wiggly Worms Log Cabin Quilt. Quilted by Barb Neiwert.
This new ruler can create such a diversity of fun, modern designs. I just had to learn more about, so I've signed up for a class that Janet and Jean Ann are teaching locally in Sun Valley on Feb. 14. If you're in southern Idaho, I think they have a few seats still open for the class.

This Wiggly Worm was such a fun piece, I just did a swoopy sort of double circle motion throughout the body of the quilt to give it some movement. The border was a fun "S" swoop.

Circles, circles everywhere!

The backside of Wiggly Worms Log Cabin

I'm going to make the Rainbow Swirls Log Cabin - I love the carefree feeling this quilt evokes!

This quilt was made with the 8" Curvy Log Cabin Ruler. I love the neat patterns it creates!

Kaffe Fassett fabrics play well on this Curvy Log Cabin lovely.
Well, that's about it for pictures.  I just wanted to share these lovely quilts with everyone. In case you'd like to make your own, the Curvy Log Cabin Ruler is made by Creative Grids and both the Wiggly Worm and Rainbow Swirls patterns are published by Cut Loose Press.  You can also get them from the Sun Valley Fabric Granary in Hailey.

For now, I'm looking for the perfect bright fabrics to use in my own Rainbow Swirl quilt. Hmmm......Kaffe would be perfect!  Or wait! How about some great Hoffman batiks?  Looking forward to the class!

Quilting with a smile,


  1. These are all beautiful. I specially like the look of the rainbow swirls one!

  2. SO very cool! I wish I could take the class with you! I really like the wiggly worms one. You did a fantastic job quilting - love those designs!

  3. The first one with the positive/negative switcheroo really catches my eye! Enjoy the class, Barb. It's always fun to learn something new. :-)

  4. Those look like great fun to make! And your quilting really enhanced the quilt. Have fun in the class.

  5. What size rule was used for the rainbow swirls. I love that one!

    1. I believe the Rainbow Swirls was made with the 6" ruler.

  6. I can't even imagine how long it must have taken you to complete these quilts. They are wonderful!

  7. This concerns the 4 inch curvy ruler. I e watched several YouTube videos as well as the instructional site that came with the ruler. None of these indicated what LENGTH any of the logs should be! I'd appreciate any help.


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