Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February ALYOF Goal - Batik Beauty!

I was organizing my fabric last week and ran across a Layer Cake of batiks from Moda called Make Waves.  I didn't have a good place to store them, so I decided right then and there to cut them up and work them into a quilt.

I happened to remember a little video from Missouri Star Quilt Co. about slashing up a layer cake. However, I altered the slicing a bit and instead of cutting the first sewn block into half, I cut it into a 3.5-inch section and a 6.5-inch section, just to give it a little variety.

Here's the layout:

When putting together a scrappy quilt, I've learned to snap a photo of the layout, look at it on the computer, and I can see if something seems out of place.  After looking at the pic above, I rearranged a little bit, and then sewed it all together.

My goal for February will be to get it quilted, bound, and finished!  I actually got the quilting finished yesterday, so I'm well on my way to meeting February's goal - go, me!

I used a large, swirly rectangular echoing quilting motif. I also used purple variegated thread - how fun is that? It was a fun one to freehand quilt.  It actually reminds me of topographic lines.

I hate to speak too soon, but I'm feeling accomplished. Now to work on the binding!

Quilting with a smile,


  1. It does look like topographical lines. this is lovely. you did a fabulous job.

  2. Go, you!!! I like the quilting design - great idea. Funny what motivates us to do a project, isn't it? Lack of storage might be a new one! :-)

  3. This project is moving along nicely. Now you can leisurely sew on that binding!

  4. Barb, this is certainly a beautiful quilt! I hope I get to the point of feeling confident enough to create my own designs to cut up pieces of gorgeous fabrics like your batiks. Even with a pattern, I'm still afraid to cut, thinking that I'll make a mistake. I need to work on conquering that fear!

  5. Very nice indeed! Amazing what we can do with our minds and some fabric.

  6. First thing are organizing your fabric!! Way to go!! This quilt is so colorful. Very pretty. :)

  7. Love the colors! And your organizing solution is the best thing I've heard all day!


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