Sunday, October 26, 2014

Vote For Sparkly Things

I normally wouldn't do this, but my daughter - my very talented daughter, I might add - is a jewelry designer in Seattle and trying to make a name for herself in the jewelry world. She has entered an international competition and her design is one of the finalists.

The winner is one who receives the most votes, much like our Bloggers Quilt Festival.  So I am asking, if you have just a wee minute, to check out her entry and vote for her, but only if you think it's striking and the best! 

It's a joy to see your kids make their way in life. This is just a small part of her journey. Thanks for helping her along! Oh - her name is Jessica Neiwert and her entry is the second one down. It's also interesting to read the story behind the creation of the pieces.

In Jessica's words:  "Voting is now open for the 2014 MJSA Journal Design Challenge! I, along with a number of other fine jewelry designers, conceptualized a special piece of jewelry using a spectacular padparadscha sapphire from Omi Gems. If you like my design, I'd appreciate you voting for it!! Please vote at:…/online_design_challenge_…/voting_form/

Voting ends on October 31, so vote today - thanks!



  1. Voted for Jessica's beautiful ring. I love sparkly things, especially rings :)

  2. What a Beautiful ring and lovely description behind the design process! Jessica has my vote--Good Luck!

  3. Very pretty ring! Got my vote in for her. :)


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