Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Joy of Quilting

Sometimes we get an opportunity to do something that is just plain fun. 

This was the case last month when I had the privilege to custom quilt a t-shirt quilt to honor a special person who has been instrumental in providing a sense of 'community' to our small town of Hailey and the Wood River Valley in southern Idaho for more than three decades.

Collage of the Northern Rockies Fold Festival Quilt 2014

For the past 32 years, Pete Kramer, a.k.a. PK, has served as the volunteer coordinator to bring the Northern Rockies Folk Festival to town. And the best part? It has always been at an affordable price so locals can bring their kids and families, coolers and picnic baskets, lawn chairs and smiles, to the city park to listen to two days' worth of down-home, foot-stompin' good music under the stars.

We've lived in the valley for 31 years, and haven't missed too many of these summer outdoor concerts. But, being about the same age as I am, PK had gotten tired of  this exhausting volunteer effort, and so decided to step down as director.  When PK's wife, Cheryl (a quilty friend I've gotten to know through our quilt guild), asked me if I'd be interested in quilting up this t-shirt quilt which she was making for PK to commemorate his many years of service, I was tickled to help out!

Unveiling of the NRFF Quilt

An emotional presentation of the quilt by PK's son.
Aside from the great sense of community that I received from playing a small part in this 'thank you,' I just had a great time doing custom quilt work in each of the t-shirt blocks.

I tried to match the quilting with the theme of the t-shirt logo. Each year had a different logo, so each block is different.

With all these different quilt blocks, I ended up changing thread colors about six or seven times - whew!

This is a shot of my free-hand quilting of a treble clef and a musical note. I added these all around the outside border.

PK took to his quilt right away!
Anyway, I was pleased that he and Cheryl liked the quilt. Life throws you a few curve balls now and again. So it's especially nice to be able to celebrate the good things that make us smile.

Remembering to always quilt with a BIG smile!

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  1. Oh my goodness - that's fabulous! What an honor to quilt it! You put so much love and creative style in it - thanks for sharing!

  2. What a creation from the heart! You took each block to a incredible level adding a unique spin to each one. You can see the Love all over the photos and the quilt! Beautiful job.

  3. Thank you for showing us all the quilting you did on the blocks....I'm so inspired!! Love your creative thinking!!! What a truly heartfelt gift....loved this post Barb!!

  4. Awesome quilting on each and every one of these blocks!

  5. Just beautiful. So much thought was put into the quilting on this project. Really well done. He will treasure this.

  6. Never seen a quilt like this before. Thanks for sharing the photos with the blocks in detail. Barbora

  7. Barb, I have seen a lot of t-shirt quilts, but never one so thoughtfully custom quilted. you can tell you put your heart into it and it sure came out beautiful!

  8. This is an incredible tribute, Barb! The quilting definitely makes this piece special and adds sew much to it's colourful personality. Obviously a labour of love. Well done... It is gorgeous!

  9. I really love how you have quilted this - it really makes it. xx


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