Sunday, September 29, 2013

Snow Babies by Henry Glass

What fun I had the other day when I checked my mailbox and lo, and behold, there was a mysterious package there from Henry Glass Fabrics in New York. What?

Oh, yes. Then I remembered! I had been a lucky winner in one of Henry Glass' Giveaways. What was my prize? Snow Babies.

Not a fat quarter bundle, but a Half Yard Bundle of this new line of flannels.  The prints are adorable and classy at the same time. I love them!

I have no plans on how to use these yet. But what I'm certain of is that I don't want them to sit in my closet until next winter.  I'm thinking I need to get this made up before Christmas 2013.

Any thoughts on what I should make? I think the panels pieces would be perfect to build a lap quilt around.


  1. Very cute! Yay!! A quilt would be fun. You can shadow box the panels so it looks like a window scene. Can't wait to see what you make.

  2. Oh what fun to win a bundleof flannels! And they are cute and classy. I think a lap quilt with the pannels as focla point would be just the thing! Have fun, cheers, Claire W.

  3. I agree, they would make a wonderful lap quilt built around the pannels.

  4. What wonderful fabric! I love the designs. Yes....a lap quilt would be great for this fabric. :)

  5. They are adorable! Lap quilt would be perfect and super warm too!


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