Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wildfire Postpones Quilting

For more than a week now we have been on the edge of our seats in the Wood River Valley of Idaho. Lightning sparked three huge wildfires across the southern mountains of our state. The Beaver Creek Fire, which started out innocently enough several miles west of Hailey, soon grew into a Demon that has taken time, resources, and skill to protect the homes of many in our valley.  It seems surreal to me to watch this video and know that it is my community that was in the face of disaster.

Compiled by Dates Fryberger

We live in the shadow of Bald Mountain, Sun Valley's famous ski resort leased from Forest Service land. While Sun Valley is home to many of the 'rich and famous' variety, it is also home to regular folks like you and me.  Much of the national news coverage has focused in on Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwartzennegger and Tom Hanks as having homes here. And photos show large homes ahead of the fire's advance.  But while those celebrities do live among us, there are 20,000 of us that the 1,200 firefighting personnel have come to protect.

This wildfire has been so erratic, with temps in the 90s for over a week (an oddity to our mountain location), and Red Flag warnings for high winds daily.  While it is the firefighter's job to do what needs to be done, I admire each and every one of them for enduring the raw conditions that they have to face each day. THANK YOU!

The video I embedded is a great accumulation of what has been going on in our backyard since Aug. 9.  My home is outside the Evacuation Zones and as such, we have been able two households of the more than 2,000 homes that had been evacuated.  We've had four dogs and a talking parrot, lots of visitors and phone calls, so times have been lively, for sure!

The fire in now 30% contained, and far from over as it spread further into Idaho's lovely back country. But yesterday some residents were allowed to go back to their homes. To date, only one house has been lost. And when you watch that video, you'll understand what a true testament that is to the firefighters who have converged here from all over the United States. To them I tip my hat and say, "Thank you!"

As for quilting? I had a stack of quilts that I was going to fetch if we had received an evacuation order. A few important papers, medicine, the computers. Just really didn't want to leave those quilts behind!

Stay safe and enjoy each day as it comes,


  1. Luana Rubin posted about this on FB yesterday asking for people to send bandanas to the firemen as they have to change them so frequently. Some of us made some and mailed off to Hailey, ID to the sheriff's dept.
    I just can't imagine having to watch those flames and the smoke just has to be horrible.
    We live in a very small town in Louisiana, and in 2000, we had a terrible drought. Our town had a big fire south of town that started spreading rapidly. My son was on the volunteer fire dept. at that time. He and a bunch of fireman got trapped inside a horse arena, and they had to use what water they had to wet the road ahead of them and flee. Because of that, one family lost their home, but at least no one lost their lives or were injured. We also had lots of fires in the forest in an adjoining parish. We live near a river so they used helicopters to bucket water to some of the fires. This is flat land and so different from where your fires are, but I sure am glad we haven't had to go through that again.
    Praying for everyone in the path of those fires!

  2. I know what you are going through. Several years ago we were evacuated in the biggest wildfire to hit the Colorado mountains. We had to get out fast and you never know what to take with you. Just the kids mementos and heirlooms...oh and of course my sewing machine. :) It is terrible to go through this experience and not know if your house is one of the ones that was spared. By the grace of God we didn't loose our home. My heart always goes out to people who are going through this and the wonderful firefighters that save our homes and lives. Prayers are coming your way to protect everyone there. :)

  3. This video and your loving words have touched my heart & soul.....I have tears streaming down my face. Thank you - this is not about the rich &'s about real people who risk their lives to help others. Stay safe....hugs


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