Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 Adventures in Quilting

There is a problem that exists in Blogland.

What might that be, you  ask? It's the simple fact that it is way too easy to quickly become overwhelmed by all the possibilities that exist in the quilting sphere.  I read about all the great things that quilters are creating out there, see the fantastic photos of quilts and projects, and my brain automatically wants to do them all.

What a ridiculous brain I have at times. So I have to talk to it and keep it at bay and tell it to just be logical.  Theoretically it knows it's impossible to do it all, and yet it still goes to that dark side if I let it!

So, in an effort to reign in my brain with its wildly distorted view of reality, I am making a list of my unfinished projects that I should finish before I start new ones. In this way, perhaps my brain can see that I will just have to bookmark the best ideas for another day. Or month. Or year, lol!

So, in no particular order, this is my list:

  • Quilt my Kaffe Fassett quilt
  • Quilt my red and white and black quilt
  • Make a project for the Dresden Challenge that I signed up for (this should be Number One on this list as it's due in two weeks!)
  • Make the Honeycomb quilt that I have purchased fabric for and practice my quilting skills on this solid colored quilt
  • Use the Simply Color fabric I've purchased to make a quilt
  • Use the Good Fortune fabric I've purchased to make a quilt
  • Piece up the Lucy's Crab Shack fabric I've purchased into a quilt
  • Participate in Happy Quilting's Starburst QAL (fabric purchased)
  • Make armrest covers for my chair (these aren't quilted, but really need to be done before I wear out my new chair - it's almost a year old now :(
  • Make a few table runners for my Etsy shop
  • Make my daughter a quilt - she hasn't picked out fabric yet, thank goodness!

All this and I am starting to take orders to do long arm quilting for other people. Plus I have a job that is very part-time this time of year, but very full-time in the fall and summer.

Am I insane? Wait. Don't answer that. I already know the answer. Guess I just need about 36 hours in a day, and I'd be all set!


Plum and June


  1. I sooo agree with you!! Well, not on the "you are insane part"! But, Blogland is a plethora of WONDERFUL ideas! It's sooo hard to restrain oneself. I LOVE that black/red/white quilt you've got pictured above! So much energy and fun!

    and...what a CUTIE your daughter is!!! Are you sure you don't want to keep her locked up? She could be a guy magnet! =P


  2. I feel your frustration there are so many wonderful things to make and do, so much inspiration! Good luck with your list. I looked back at last years list and just shook my head, almost none of it got done. What a year it's been! One day at a time, one project at a time is my new motto. :)

  3. Both you and your daughter are lovely....

    I'm slowly working through my list too. But I just can't put those projects on it that I bought fabric for - It would be far too long!

    What discipline to get them on yours!

  4. You can do it, you can do it, you can do it! Lists are great - if you can stick to them! I want to see your Kaffe Fassett quilt - I have a small collection of his fabrics and I'm waiting for the "just right" pattern to come along so I can start cutting!

  5. Your black, white, and red quilt is lovely! My list is much too long, too. One finish for 2013 is not too bad, right?

  6. My list gets longer, and my finishes get shorter. I hope you can achieve all that you set your goals for.

  7. sound just like me. I have lists of lists I need to finish. Just dig in and you will get maybe "some" of them done. We have faith in you. :)

  8. OK Can I follow your lead? I am so.. overwhelmed with not only the quilt to-do but life's to-do list as well. When I get home my plan is organize all my mind-chatter! By the way, I am a think'in your daughter is about the same age my son!!! Just Saying!

  9. Okay I won't say you're crazy......or crazier than a lot of us! Your B/W with red quilt is beautiful and what a great photo of you and your daughter! I never showed all my UFO's this year......


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