Sunday, December 16, 2012

And we have a winner!

It has been so much fun hosting a give-away this week in conjunction with Quilting Gallery's 5th Anniversary Party.

I asked people to share their most unusual Christmas gift with us. And boy did I get some strange answers on that one!  Perhaps the one that made me smile the most was a comment by Beulah. She said: "The first Christmas we were married my husband shopped on Christmas Eve right before the store closed...I got a Flash Light that year for Christmas."

I didn't tally up the votes for who is the favorite reindeer of all, but by far, it was Rudolph. I guess it's just really difficult to compete with a shiny red nose!

With 106 entries, I used the Random Generator to pick a winner. Congratulations to Vesuviusmama.  I've sent you an email for your contact information so I can get these sent to you soon.  Thanks to all of you who took time to make comments, and to those of you who decided to follow my quirky blog!


P.S.  Perhaps it's needless to say, but give those kids and loved ones of yours a little extra hug today. Just because.


  1. Oh boy, I love it! Stories of various Christmas gifts... I bet we could all add a few of those if we were all gathered around a fire, huh! What a fun thing. I enjoyed reading about it!


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