Thursday, November 29, 2012

Flinging is great fun!

My goodness!  I stepped away from my cutting table yesterday and was surprised at how bad it looked. It was piled so deep - I just kept flinging fabric this way and that, and shoving everything backwards so I'd have some space to work.

But, our realtor had an Open House today, so I had to put it all away and get everything spiffed up. Having a sewing room and not being able to keep it cluttered is the pits!  Hopefully we can get this house under contract and sold soon, so we can stop showing it.

Here is what I was frantically working on - journal covers.  I had wanted to make covers for a long time, and so started collecting fat quarters and one-fourth yards here and there. I  was actually had a mission as I traveled around the state this fall facilitating my seminars as part of my Day Job.  I now know every quilt shop from the tip of northern Idaho to her southern reaches.  These journal covers were intended to make out of scraps, but I didn't have many scraps that blended well. Now I do!

I only had time for five, but I think they turned out real cute. And of course, as I was making them, I kept thinking, "Maybe I should just keep this for myself - I really, really like it."  But then reality set in and I think that after they don't sell this weekend at the Christmas Bizaar, I may actually have several coming back home with me.  So I might as well wait.  I got the basis of my pattern from Stitched in Color and you can find her tutorial here. This would make a fun Christmas gift for a daughter or niece or for the office Christmas Exchange.

I also finished up this Christmas table runner yesterday, too.  It's made from this really rich fabric called Happy Christmas and designed by Fabric Freedom of London.  It costs a little more than average, but it's such a high quality fabric, you can feel the difference and it's really nice to work with. I bought quite a bit when I had the chance, so more table runners or Christmas projects should be forthcoming.

Only three-fourths of a day left before the craft fair.  Oh - I should say I was quite pleased when I saw one of the posters advertising the show.  Apparently it's a juried show (I didn't know because I just blindly wanted to participate, so I applied.)  They took one of the photos I submitted with the application and used it for their poster.  That made my little heart sparkle for a bit!!!

So, wish me luck. I'm down to the wire.



  1. Your journals are looking great! I hope they sell well and just get to keep your favourite one :)

  2. Your flinging looks like mine! :) The journals turned out really nice. I am sure you will sell them all. Good luck this weekend with your show! :)

  3. Love your journals. I want to make some but just can't seem to get to it.

  4. Haha!!! Yes!!!! I love flinging. :D In fact, I just finished such a session and need to clean it up now so that my cutting space can handle the more serious yardage I need to cut next.

  5. Wow! I love you covers! They are great! I went on vacation for 6 weeks and left my sewing room looking just like your first picture!

  6. I know exactly what you mean about flinging fabric! It sounds like we all do.

    Great looking journals. Good luck with your craft show.

  7. Your journals are lovely and will likely find new homes this weekend! Good luck!

  8. Your flinging resulted in some lovely journal covers :-) Hugs

    1. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo


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