Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Depths of the Deep Blue Sea

I live in the mountains, yet I am always drawn toward the sea. It's a 700 mile trek to get to the Oregon Coast, which is the shortest distance from my mountains to the sea. It's a trip I don't get to make very often.

So, to remind me of the great peace I feel when I get a chance to walk the shoreline, I made this wall hanging.

It was so much fun to make! Part of the fun was collecting the cajillion different fabrics to add to the waves. It was definitely a work in progress for many moons.

Another neat thing about this wall hanging, is that I added real seashells that I scavenged along the beach, or bought at a gift shop - a great reminder of the good memories I have of the ocean!

I used a pattern from Skinny Quilts and Table Runners called By the Sea by Karen Eckmeier.  The quilt measures 12 x 48 inches.   I've placed it in the stairwell that leads to the lower level of our home where I have my office and quilting room, so I get to see it many times during the day. Heavenly!

It was such a fun little quilt to make. When I look at it, I can almost smell the beach and surf and feel the breeze blowing through my hair. It's all good!

If you like my Skinny Quilt, hope on over to the Summer Sewing Contest at Ellison Lane Quilts to vote for this in the Home Decor section. Or, vote for whichever quilts you like best. There are a lot of talented quilters out there!

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  1. The quilt is lovely. I like the blues, and browns and the shells. Good work.

  2. Wow!!
    I feel the ocean wave and sea breeze. The good combination of blue, brown and creamy white. I love how you decorated with sea shells and lace...lovely.
    I found you from QQQ and thanks for sharing about Marcia's linky party. I've join in it.


  3. That is really neat! Someday I hope to have the time to do quilts like this. :)

  4. I absolutely love this little quilt! The colours, the simple lines and the feel of the ocean!! Great job!

  5. I like your wall hanging! I'm working on one from that same book by Karen: Accidental Landscapes. Thanks for sharing! It made me smell the ocean,too.

  6. Love your color choices. great wall hanging.

  7. What a beautiful wall-hanging! I absolutely love the ocean in Oregon....all the rocks and wood and how cold it can be along it! I've only been there twice but really loved it!

  8. Beautiful! I love the waves.

  9. Hi! Lovely quilt!! Did you use a precut? If so, wich one? Im desperatley looking for beach/ocean like precuts to make this type of quilts. Jellyroll perhaps..


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