Monday, June 26, 2017

Pastel Quilt Bound, Finished and Given Away!

Just making this short and sweet:  I got my pastel jelly roll quilt finished, bound, and even given away. What a delight to give it to one of my bestest friends from high school! She recently found out she has cancer, and at 63, that is just WAY too young! Right? You're darn right.

So I mailed this little gem of quilt over to her, along with a huge HUG and continued wishes and prayers that she'll whip this monster into oblivion.

So see? I had great motivation to get this finished and sent on to someone who could shed a few emotional tears over it. Complex tears, but happy tears.

What better reason to make a quilt?

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  1. Very sweet quilt. Have a wonderful day!!

  2. Bless you for sharing a gift to an old friend. She will be grateful for it and your friendship as she fights the battle ahead of her.

  3. That's the very best kind of friendship - a quilt that's been hugged and sprinkled with a few emotional tears. You are so kind. It's a beautiful quilt. xxoo

  4. What a wonderful gift for a friend needing a hug and support. It turned out beautifully!

  5. What a lovely gift. Quilts are a great way to send a hug. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  6. I simply can't think of a better reason to make a quilt than to provide comfort. You are wonderful to have made this for her. It'll provide such warmth and comfort! Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss!


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