Friday, April 28, 2017

Fun With Scraps

You know when you get a hair-brained idea? It keeps nagging at you, until you simply must ACT.

This is what happened to me. See, it's really a matter of Waste Not, Want Not. I keep the colorful sides of selvages. All of them! I store them in a pretty glass container until it gets too full, then I transfer them to a rustic bird cage.

But what happens when even the bird cage become saturated with selvages to the point of overflowing?  Why, make a fabric wreath out of them, of course!

The idea struck me when I was browsing at Hobby Lobby in Boise last fall.  Our small valley doesn't sport any craft shops, so walking in the doors of HL was overwhelming, to say the least. But after cruising through the aisles, I decided to get a multi-tiered wire wreath. I could simply weave the selvages on each of the four rows of wires, and voila! A fabric wreath.

The clippings from my fabric wreath. I didn't save these. Into the trash they went. Go, me!

I guess it turned out okay. But only after I trimmed all the selvages down to a manageable length.  It works!

I don't think I'll make a living selling these little gems, but it's kinda fun to have a new, inexpensive decoration.  It would actually be kinda fun to cut up red and green fabrics for a festive holiday wreath.
Now how many more do you think I can make out of my bird cage scraps? The cage stands 18" tall!

Quilting with a smile,

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  1. I think your scrappy wreath is quite impressive! I also like your bird cage scrap container! Will you hang your wreath by the front door or keep it as an indoor decoration? I do like the idea of having a red and green wreath for Christmas!

  2. Now that's creative! Yay for scrap busting!

  3. You must have used over a hundred pieces in the wreath and no sewing involved. That's the way to go. It even tempts me to save my skinny strips instead of tossing them out. I'll let it simmer for awhile. Maybe a fall batik one would be fun?

    1. LOVE the bird cage AND the wreath!! What a great way to store those scrappy bits.

  4. I like it! It would make a really cute wall decoration for your sewing room. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  5. Ingenious! I love it and bookmarked the post. THANKS!


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