Thursday, January 26, 2012

Give Me Your Ideas for Quilts From Fat Quarters

I have just discovered I have a disability.  That is, I have a very strong inclination to buy mass quantities of fat quarters, get them home, and then not know what to do with them. Yikes! Bad habit.

So today I have decided to turn this bad habit into something constructive, and I'd like you to help me.  This is what my fat quarter drawer looks like at the moment:
Some of my fat quarter collection - what to do, what to do?

Can you share with me any of your favorite patterns or designs you use for fat quarter quilts?  It would be great to see what we can all come up with!


  1. Last night I started cutting up a squares to make 2 lap blankets using my purple fat quarters (have like 16 colors) last night I plan to use this walk though It looks simple but amazing cant wait to get home from work to finish the cutting tonight.


  2. I love fat quarters! I love scraps quilts, if you cut the fabic into 5" squares then you can make a nickel quilt. I love the Nickle Quilt Books. I also have a pattern for sale in my etsy shop called "Doodle Stamp" that uses 2 1/2" squares and it's a fabulous quilt when it is done. Currently I am designing table runners using fat quarters from Hoffman fabrics, these patterns will also be on Etsy. You could also make a five yard quilt using 5 yards worth of fath quarters, these patterns can usually be found free online.
    Have fun quilting!

  3. I'm having that same problem! I'm thinking of using some for a coin quilt (well kind of but w/ my own twist)!! That is when I get at least one of the other 2 quilts I'm currently working on!

  4. My whole stash is almost fat quarters so I know how ya feel!!

  5. My whole stash is almost fat quarters so I know how ya feel!!


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