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OMG, It's Llamas to the Finish Line!

May is going to be a fast month, I can feel it!  Winter seems to go on and on and on, and add to the fact that spring in the mountains arrives about 4-6 weeks later than lower parts of our state, and BAM! It's summer! So, yah,  May is already speeding by.

With that in mind, I'm setting my OMG (One Monthly Goal) goal to finish my Llama Quilt. 

I just got her quilted, and the binding put on. That was kinda crazy! I was just short of the binding fabric by about 6 inches. Rather than rush out to my LQS, I have given myself the challenge of using what fabric I have in my stash. (I could live a long, pleasant life based on my stash, lol...). So I got creative and  pieced together the fabrics that were in the blankets and pompoms of the quilt to make a patchwork-sorta-binding strip, and scattered them throughout the binding. I think I'm going to like the look. A lot!

So now the hand stitching. For me, that might take the whole month, lol.  But that's my goal - to get this qu…

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