Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sewing Machine is Buzzing!

Happy New Year everyone!  I've spent some time this week coming up with My Plan for 2015.  I won't bore you with it because it's subject to change (always include that clause in your plans - helps alleviate stress, anxiety and frustration!).

It's a good plan, one that I'm happy with, and one that is workable without over-due expectations. I like it!

First off on My Plan for 2015 is to restock my Etsy Shop, Mountain Quiltworks, with microwavable hot packs.  This weekend I've been stitching and stitching and stitching. So far I've completed 30 hot packs, have another 26 ready to go under the needle, and another 20 or so waiting in the wings.

Then I need to make some more inserts for them. That's 3 little bags for each hot pack, or about 200. Wah, wah, wah :(

I do these marathon Sewing Days, and have a marathon Photography Day, and have a marathon Insert Stuffing Day.  It all adds up so that when I hear that "Ka-Ching!" on my cell phone for an order, all I have to do is ship it out. Sweet.

Making some awesome microwavable flax seed hot packs with this amazing Moon Shine fabric from Tula Pink!

Also, in my overall Plan for 2015, this tops my list.  It accomplishes many things, but primarily I feel good that a bunch of the fabric that is sitting around is sewn up!  And I have stocked my shop. And I can proceed with other endeavors.  That part is especially sweet :)

So what are my other endeavors?

Well, after experiencing great amounts of anxiety about signing up for too many BOMs and QALs, I have narrowed my sites to these:

1.  Finish the Sew Sweet Simplicity which I've been working on through the fall.
2.  Signed up for Moccasin BOM by GenX Quilters - love this pattern!
3.  Salivated over the The New Hexagon - Millefiore QAL  but I decided to just stalk them for awhile and drop my jaw in wonder of these quilters' great use of fabrics. Besides, in reality, I don't have time for this one!
4.  I'm part of the Stash Bee, Hive 4, for 2015.  First time out; we'll see how this goes. First block is a foundation paper piecing block. I have never done that before, but I guess there is no time like the present.
5.  I want to participate in O Scrap! by Cynthia from Quilting is More Fun Than Housework.
6.  I will continue to do A Lovely Year of Finishes. This helps me stay on track - thanks, girls!
7.  Really wanted to join the BOM by Pile O' Fabric. I still want to do it. But I think I have enough on my plate. (Hangs head.)
8.  See? This is good. I said "No" on two things I was really interested in. Off to a good start!

2015 will be my last Seminar Season in my Day Job as the executive director of a state-wide accounting association. I'll be officially retiring in June 2016, so I suspect somewhere along the way this year, I will be training my replacement and writing up Procedure Notes.  But then, guess what? I'll be 'retired' and can quilt to my heart's content. What a happy camper I will be!

Best wishes for 2015!


  1. Very nice set of goals! And I am impressed you showed constraint and didn't over commit yourself. Something I have yet to learn!

    Happy to hear you are planning on some scrap projects this year too.

  2. I have to finish Bonnie Hunter's MQ and then I have a baby quilt to make for my new granddaughter! Born this morning in Greensboro, NC.

    1. Congrats on your new granddaughter - very exciting!

  3. That is quite the list! I'm rooting for you! I'll be watching to see the progress....:)

  4. Looks like you are still pretty busy. I envy you for setting a plan. Mine is all in my head and we all know how most of that goes out the window!! LOL!! I am so happy to hear you are retiring! Believe me it is wonderful! :)

  5. Let the retirement countdown begin! You have a year full of sewing fun ahead - great list.

  6. What a great plan! And love how you left a few things open which is good so that you are not backed into a corner. I wish I had your drive!!!!


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