Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fun With Charms

I was delighted when I ran across this pattern!  It was attractive, easy to piece, free (gotta love free!) and called for two sets of charm packs.  I went to my fabric stash to see if I actually had two sets, and lo and behold, I did! And it was fabrics that I had not known what to do with until now.

The fabric line is a couple of years old and is Moda's A Stitch in Color by Malka Dubrasky.  One of the charm packs I won (a long time ago) and the other I acquired through the Charm Pack Club through Fat Quarter Shop.  And the pattern is called Charm Pack Cherry Quilt. Did I mention it was free from the Fat Quarter Shop? Yep - best kind.

The patterns and colors are all out of my comfort zone, and I seriously thought about giving them away because I just couldn't visualize that they'd look good.  

But then I found this pattern, decided it looked like a quick, easy way to piece them together, so I went for it. What a pleasant surprise! I really like it.  I think the brightness created with the white squares really calms it down and allows your eye to travel around the quilt and really look at the variety of colors and designs.  Since the fabric has been around a couple of years, it was hard to find enough of the same collection for the backing. I finally found enough, and once it arrives in the mail, I can work to get this one finished up.

All in all, it kinda reminds me of a breath of fresh air. And spring. And happiness. 

(Can anyone tell me why these photos upload in a rotated fashion?  They were taken square on, but when Blogger uploads them, they rotate and I cannot figure out how to switch them back. ???)

What have you been quilting this weekend?

Remembering to always quilt with a smile,

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  1. A perfect pattern for those charms! I have that pattern on my to-do list (just need to buy some charm packs now!!).

  2. This is terrific! Thanks so much for the link! I am definitely going to try this!

  3. Ha! I just got this pattern in the mail with my Fat Quarter Shop purchase, and it looks so fun made up. I'll have to go charm diving in my stash.

  4. Your are right! It has a fresh and clean look. May need to give this one a try as well. As for the weekend I quilted a charity quilt and worked on our guild challenge ribbons-what's the saying slow and steady! HaHa

  5. So springy! You'll have fun quilting this one...

  6. Cute pattern! and it looks great with the white, too.

  7. Love how your quilt turned out Barb! I am glad you had some charms already on hand--how convenient! That is a great pattern, and I am seeing it everywhere--I will definitely have to give it a try!

    Thank you for linking up to Fabric Frenzy Friday!
    Fabric Frenzy Friday

  8. I am working on one of these, too, and enjoying the white I chose off the solid. Yours is beautiful!

  9. The white I chose "as" the solid! Don't you just love auto-correct!?

  10. I love it! I'm dying to make one of these quilts but I don't have two identical charm packs on hand - so I may use two that have similar colors and "feel". I want to use red as my solid, though - a really bold punch! Yours does look like springtime - whoop whoop for spring-y things!!

  11. This looks great! I have some of this line in my stash too. I just finished this quilt but used stash for a kids donation quilt. I think I will make another too! Great finish!

  12. This is such a fun pattern and fun, colorful fabrics! by the way- as for the photos, I don't know how to rotate them in blogger, but you could use a free online photo editor, like picmonkey or ribbet and rotate them there and then re-save them. Then blogger should upload them properly.

    Thanks for linking to Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  13. I love all the color! Great quilt!

  14. Love this! I really want to make this pattern, just haven't had the time yet:) These colors really look fun!

  15. Very cheerful. I saw another pattern very similar. You make 9patches cut them in 4 and resew them together. You get something very similar.


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