Thursday, February 13, 2014

Go For The Gold

This month is just flying! I love watching the Olympics in the evenings, and I must say, I tuned into live streaming of the Women's Half Pipe event yesterday to watch the finals.  Our hometown sweetheart, Kaitlyn Farrington, from Bellevue, Idaho (population 2,300) had made it into the Finals and I just had to watch right then and there. Couldn't wait for the evening broadcast.

And guess what? SHE WON GOLD!!! How awesome is that? Pretty darn cool.  Here's a little video that her coaches and friends made for her to watch just prior to her winning ride.

Good Luck From Sun Valley!! from Mark Oliver on Vimeo.

The take away from this video shows that there are years and years of hard work behind each and every medal these Olympians earn.  The same is true of our quilting.  I don't really know when I will feel like I've 'arrived' when it comes to longarming. Impatient as I am, I want to be there NOW!  I know that's just not possible, so I practice and learn and practice some more. Learn from my mistakes, and forge ahead. Get up the next day and do it all again. One day I will arrive!

On a different note, here's my February block for the Aurifil BOM.  I like how the colors in the fabrics interacted.

I'm almost finished with my Round and Round quilt - just have to put on the binding. Whoowho!! I'll post pictures of that tomorrow.

So for now, remember to follow your dreams and enjoy the ride,

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  1. Beautiful fabrics in your BOM for Aurifil!

  2. Wahoo and Big Congrats to Kaitlyn! That is so exciting to have someone so close to you make it that far. I love the block and the colors--are great together!
    It is a fact we must face, that we ALL have to put in our time to improve. I am just so.... thankful to enjoy the process (most of the time)--HaHa!

  3. What beautiful fabrics in your block, I'm so glad you are doing this BOM too! Congrats to Kaitlyn! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  4. that is so awesome to be able to root for the hometown girl! yay for Kaitlyn- I love the Olympics too! Your block and the fabrics you chose are so pretty!

    Thank you so much for sharing this at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation


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