Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Goal for Lovely Year of Finishes

Well, shoot. I made my January goal too difficult. It just wasn't realistic with everything else I had going on.  But I did feel accomplished to get the Round and Round quilt pieced. And I have finally figured out how I am going to quilt all the negative space in it.

Looking at the calendar, February is a short month, plus I'm going to be gone for nearly two weeks, so I will make my goal easier.  My goal for February is actually two goals.

1.  I want to finish quilting the Round and Round quilt.

Sneak Peek at Round and Round Quilting

 2.  I will bind my Freedom Quilt, which is a project for Scrap-A-Palooza.
It's hard to see the quilting, but it's a floral motif and works well!

That's it. #2 will be easy. #1 is taking forever and the next day, but I will get it finished because if I don't, I can't get anything else quilted until it's off the frame. Good incentive for me. 

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is working on for February!

Remember to always quilt with a smile!


  1. Love that floral quilting! Glad to see you made simple goals for February. I dug deep in my "to-be-quilted" stack to find my February project.

    Looking forward to seeing your round and round quilt. What I can see looks fantastic!

  2. yep, easy goals for the ALYOF works best for me. We can still dream big and make big long range goals, but we both need to eat that elephant one bite at a time. I like your reasoning, getting the one finished and off the frame so you can do the next one. Love those bright fabrics in the lower photo, and the bright and white in the upper. Can't wait to see the finishes.

  3. If I think a quilt can be quilted in day --it usually takes 2 or 3 days--when will I learn. Maybe we should be a bit easier on ourselves and just enjoy the process. I am with you on not setting the bar as high for the Finishes. I might be a happy, self-satisfied person along the way! Your quilting looks Great!

  4. Pretty quilting! =). I can relate to setting too many or too large of goals. But, I find if I don't set them, I kinda meander and don't get as much accomplished. You *will* get 'er done. I have confidence in you! =)


  5. I do the same thing....bite off more than I can chew! :) That is got one done. :) Have fun on this months goal. :)


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