Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blog Remodel in the Works

I ran across a great tutorial this morning from Honeybear Lane. It's called Bling Your Blog and even though it was written two years ago, it's an excellent blueprint for spiffing up your blog.

So my plan of action for this week is to work on the New and Improved Version of my blog.  You'll probably see it reformulated in bits and pieces with a change here or there.  I'll work on it as time allows, but I'm excited to learn how to make different pages, put a tab bar across the top, and just streamline it a bit.

It's good to teach an old dog new tricks!

Blog Tip of the Day:  It's said that you should always, always include a photo with your blog posts.

So here's my photo.  Since I spoke of  'old dogs,' this is a priceless photo of our Cocker Spaniel, Misty.  I had purchased six little packs of flowering kale for the flower beds and had them sitting inside out of the cold weather.  I came in to discover Misty had taken a great liking to them. Does that face look guilty, or what?


  1. I'm planning on taking at look at that link. I would love to change my blog around but not really sure I know how to do it! I love your daily mile log. I have a video that is a 5 mile workout. I usually do 3 miles a day and the whole 5 miles once a week. I love it! I think your blog is already interesting!

  2. Thanks for the link! I also will be reading it as I want to "spiff" up my blog too. I have been wondering how to add pages and tabs also. :)

  3. My blog is always a work in progress and changing. Now to get my "about me" page done......that is hard. Love the photo of Misty and your flowers, yep she looks just a little guilty!


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