Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pretty in Pink

When I do pink, I do pink!  I wanted to start fresh after Christmas with some fabrics that were not red and green. Or blue and green. Or Christmasy at all. So what better thing to buy than pink and red for Valentine's Day!

What I came up with is this chevron shaped table runner.  It is bright and cheerful and adds a smile to the dreariness of winter. Whoever came up with Valentine's Day knew what she was doing - definitely adds a little spark to the long days of winter.

The fabric in the center and for the backing are actually Christmas prints, but they worked out well for this.  Usually when I make one of these runners, I look for a strong focal print for the center. This was rather busy, so I cut and appliqued a heart in the center. Helps to break up the busyness and draws your eye right there.

All in all, a fun project!  Since we aren't receiving any snow to speak of here at the ski resort community I live in, I am going to attack Spring with a vengeance.  Only bright, sparkling colors will be in my next projects.  I'm thinking my Layer Cake of Kate Spain's Terrain series will be on the cutting table next.


  1. Barb, love your Valentine's table runner. Can't believe you don't have snow yet in Idaho. We just got our first here this weekend by Bellingham. Four more inches last night so I'm hunkering down and quilting today. Gotta love it!

  2. The table runner looks great. You have to love Hearts and Pink. Oh wait my wife would tell you hearts should be blue (her favorite color) but I like pink so must be ok.


  3. Beautiful table runner - thank you so much for linking up to the Valentine's Day Showcase - good luck!

  4. Simple yet beautiful design! Love the Japanesque waves in the heart. Would match my American-Japanese decor perfectly come February. Great job!

    1. I had no idea they were Japanesque waves, but why not? Thanks for your comments. I've got this in my Etsy shop - actually, I made another one that lays flat (the one pictured puckers a week bit and it bugged me.) I am not set up to ship internationally yet - need to figure out the shipping prices. But if you're interested, you could click my Shop link on the right.

      Thanks for reading my blog!


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