Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fat Quarter Shop Favorites Collage

Here it is - my collage! What fun it was cruising through all the fabrics available. What a difficult decision. But I LOVE this combo - it uses some of my favorite color ways but adds a splash of pizzazz that I wouldn't ordinarily do. Learning to stretch my imagine is so easy with all the great choices available to quilters these days!

And if you want a closer look, check these out:
1. Bespoken-BE-7101-200, 2. Bespoken-BE-6107-200, 3. Bespoken-BE-7102-200, 4. Bespoken-BE-7103-200, 5. Bespoken-BE-7106-200, 6. Promenade-C200-30-200, 7. HyperrealGarden-HG-7409-200, 8. HyperrealGarden-HG-8404-200, 9. HyperrealGarden-HG-8402-200, 10. HyperrealGarden-HG-8407-200, 11. HyperrealGarden-HG-8409-200, 12. IndianSummer-C200-25-200, 13. RBSolids-C100-49-200, 14. Modernology-MO-4801-200, 15. Modernology-MO-3808-20016. Not available

Fat Quarter Shop
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