Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bearing Down For The Storm

Such a crazy winter this has been! We live in a ski resort area and we essentially have no snow in the valley. Very odd, considering it's the third week of January.

But this week the weather forecasters are predicting a foot or two of snow, and we are all rejoicing. But, the snow didn't come last night. Maybe today?  I didn't think I'd ever 'wish' for tons of snow, but we are this year. A winter without snow shoveling is just plain weird.

Maybe by speaking out this way the Snow Gods will unleash their fury and dump on us today. Maybe....

In the mean time, but an excellent time to QUILT!


  1. While its at it the snow gods could share a little love in Salt Lake City where I live its so sad to have no snow on the valley floor and only a small amount up in the mountains.


  2. No problem - we'll send the left-overs on down!


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